After Eating About 50 Boiled Eggs, A Man Died In India

It started off as a bet and quickly turned deadly for one man living in India. His name is Subhash Yadav and he lost his life at 42 years old.

It happened in the area of India’s Uttar Pradesh state. As part of a dumb bet, his friend dared him to eat 50 boiled eggs. The bet unfortunately ended his life and many are left scratching their heads over it. 

Subhash Yadav died on Monday the 3rd. Both he and his friend went to the Bibiganj market located in the Jaunpur district. The bet was for 2,000 rupees which is about $28 dollars in US currency.

Hard boiled eggs

After accepting the bet, Yadav began to down the eggs one right after the other. He sat down and kept eating them from a vendor at the marketplace. People gawked at him as each egg was eaten. 

However, after he began to eat the 42nd egg, Yadav began to feel sick. He then suddenly fell into a deep unconsciousness. The locals in the area reacted quickly and brought Yadav to the local district hospital. 

Despite the doctor’s best efforts, Yadav never regained consciousness. Not long after this, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death was believed to be from overeating. His body simply couldn’t handle the intake of so many eggs. Doctors were shocked by his demise.

These boiled eggs together weigh about six pounds. That is a lot for anyone to handle in their stomach. Even a famous scene from the 1967 Hollywood classic “Cool Hand Luke”, starring Paul Newman demonstrated the ridiculousness of this. 

This isn’t the first time someone has died from eating so many eggs. Back in 2013, a woman known as “Big Shaz” Dixon ate a number of eggs. She was eating them as part of a contest in  the Wellington Arms pub in Grimsby, UK.

One of the eggs she swallowed too soon and then began to choke. She lost her life from this contest that was setup. It was a competitive eating type contest. 

Doing stunts like these is not only foolish but might even kill you. Those interested should think twice about doing something like this.

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Decomposing Body Leaks Below Into Thai Restaurant Kitchen

When we go out to eat, we often think about enjoying ourselves with the atmosphere of the restaurant we are at. It is good to sit down and relax with family and friends.

However, what if you ate at a restaurant that had a dead body leaking fluids into it? Certainly anyone would be grossed out leaving the place, after contacting the authorities. 

Luckily, one nearby neighbor decided to check on a tenant living in the building. As it turns out, a man died in the apartment above and his body began decomposing. It sometimes really is a weird world after all. 

From what is understood, blood began dripping into the kitchen area of the restaurant. A police officer named Ryan Wilder went to check in on a missing person in the area.

It wasn’t long before one of the employees working there, mentioned to them about a strange liquid dripping from the ceiling above. The officer responded to the bizarre call from Windsor, Connecticut back in the month of May. 

One of the neighbors mentioned that she had not seen her neighbor for several days and she was getting concerned about what might have happened to them. 

Siam Corner Thai Kitchen is where this incident took place. After a while, the odor began to build up in the kitchen and had people wondering what exactly it was. The liquid was discolored  and began to drip down. 

“I went into the restaurant and discovered a reddish brown substance dripping from the ceiling located behind the front counter of the restaurant,” Officer Wilder’s incident report explained. “It appeared that the dripping substance was possibly blood.”

Officer Wilder approached the man’s door but there was no answer. After a while both Wilder and another officer climbed into the residence through an unlocked window.

Once inside, they discovered the remains of the man who died. Most certainly, the place reeked from the decaying body inside. The man died in his bed and apparently began to decay there for several days.

He apparently died of natural causes and medication was discovered by his bedside including blood pressure pills. Eventually, a bio-hazard company arrived at the scene to begin doing remediation in the apartment. 

The location was closed for a while for renovations. Ironically, the death of this man wasn’t the only cause to close down Siam Corner Thai Kitchen, the building was discovered to have flaws in its structure. This was found from the blood leaking through the walls.

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Mysterious Crop Circle Turns Green In Weathered Autumn Field

What looks like a lush green area of an autumn brown field appears to have turned green. It is believed to be a crop circle of some kind. This unusual sighting is located near a field in Tichborne, Hampshire.

Mysterious Autumn Crop Circle Appears

This location experienced a partial lunar eclipse which some believe is responsible for the unusual growth that occurred during the drab fall setting.

There are many questions about this spot. The area still looked green as a drone flew over the top of this location. The video was later uploaded on October 23rd.

It is clear enough to see everything around this place. Most certainly the contrast between the green and autumn brown makes this crop circle pop from even far away.

This strange phenomenon is considered a crop circle ghost. The grass within the circle continued to flourish and grow at an accelerated rate. Interestingly enough, there are no crops in these fields or leaves dropping down to the ground here before the winter arrives.

Many things are left unexplained in this world. Some speculate that humans only know only a small fraction of the truth. There are even tools used to help measure the radiative transfer and biophysical characteristics of plants. Likely samples were taken from this spot. It would be interesting to know what these tests revealed.

Rumors have spread about the British Government undertaking covert type operations in regards to crop circles. What exactly are they doing with these areas? Perhaps it is all part of another plan to change the landscape in some way or some other mission.

Otherwise, when some crop circles are formed, they are believed to have been made by another life force from far away. Many think that aliens are responsible for these unusual looking designs made.

However, a number of circles that have been revealed to have been made by people. This crop circle stands out among others for its green growth. It is really something to behold.

One person commented, “This is absolutely breathtaking. May I inquire how the depressed image is green while the rest of the crops are yellow/brown? It’s sooo amazing and beautiful!”

(Source: Anomalien)

There Was Something Outside My Window

An anonymous person shared their story. Normally, they don’t believe in ghosts or anything else like that. However, on this night, things would be different for them.

It was getting darker and the day was overcast mostly. She explained her dog was around this evening. This woman’s husband worked late night hours and his shift sometimes would rotate. 

Where they live is somewhat remote, it was the last home located on a country road outside of Altor, Pennsylvania. It is about an hour away from Philadelphia.

She was beginning to turn in for the night after getting ready for bed. It was later in the evening. Sometimes her dog (a golden retriever) would stay in the same room with her.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes later after she laid down, when she then heard a knocking that seemed to be coming from outside. At first she thought it might have been lightening as it looked like it was going to rain earlier. She stumbled around, eventually making her way to the living room. It was there where she noticed something unexplainable. 

She was shocked to look over and see what resembled a figure standing by one window. It appeared to be a woman peering into their home. It was really weird and she then wondered if someone needed help or worse it was someone wanting to break in.

Something outside the window

Remembering that her husband kept a handgun, she couldn’t find it in their room. However, she grabbed a kitchen knife as she soon approached the window.

She looked out the front door peep hole to see nothing there. Slowly she opened the door and looked outside for a moment. Her dog began to bark, as she turned the corner of the house where the figure first appeared. 

There was no trace of anyone around. Where they live is not far from the wilderness. However, it is off in the distance a bit. Even an Olympic sprinter could not make it that far so quickly. To her, it seemed like this figure vanished into thin air. 

All of it didn’t make sense really. She then pondered whether or not this was some kind of ghost or something else. It was the only thing that made any sense.

She did mention that her dog ran around the house for a bit, before returning back to her. To her, it seemed like her dog noticed something there with them that night.

To her knowledge nobody had ever died there. Was this some kind of haunting or did something else show up on that night. Things can go bump in the night and this time she may have avoided something not to be taken lightly. No doubt she was happy to see her husband return later.

Anti-Witchcraft Liquid Found At Witch’s Childhood Home

Recently, while workers were repairing a roof at an old English pub, they discovered something quite unusual. It seems an old Victorian era bottle was found which was used to ward away spells cast from real witches.

Astonishingly enough, the building was formerly the home of an alleged witch known as the  “Witch of Saratoga”. Her given name is Angeline Tubbs. It seems that the bottle containing this liquid was discovered while the crew was demolishing the chimney. 

Anti-Witchcraft Liquid Found

Out of curiosity, the vile of liquid was opened. Inside of it were fishing hooks, a mysterious type liquid, glass and human teeth. Production of this type of bottle began back in the 1830’s.


Nowadays, the building has been turned into a residential property. It was once known as the Star and Garter Inn located in Watford village at Northamptonshire, England.

Angeline “the witch” was born back in 1761, she is known around here and is even part of several ghost tours that frequent New York’s Saratoga Springs location. Angeline apparently grew up as a child in Watford village. She later left the area, once she was around 15 years old.

After leaving the UK, she ended up moving to America. To earn some money, she began to tell fortunes for a living. She was considered both a “mysterious and uncertain character”. With her witchy ways, she often surrounded herself with a brood of cats. 

While traversing throughout the village, Angeline would often wear a red looking cloak, along with a hood to cover herself with. She also would carry a handkerchief used as a turban bound upon her head during bad weather.

It is amazing how long she lived for considering how the Puritans persecuted many for practicing witchcraft. It is believed that Angeline ended up living for more than a century later dying at 104 years old. 

It is unknown just who owns Angeline’s childhood home, but they already have some interesting ideas about what to do with it for the future. The anonymous owner did comment, “I will probably hide it away again for someone to find in another 100 years or so” referring to the bottle.

The researchers at the Museum of London Archaeology went on to explain that glass vessels were commonly used as protection, or as containers of cures against witchcraft. There have been well over 100 different vials discovered pertaining to witchcraft. 

They date back to the 17th century. Just within the eastern part of England alone, there were 300 people executed between 1644 and 1646, on the suspicion of having engaged in witchcraft. It took nearly a century, until the laws against witchcraft were later repealed in 1736.

(Source: All That’s Interesting)