Paranormal painting freaks people out

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Sometimes when an artist channels their vision onto a canvas, they bring with it something else entirely. This is what happened when an artist named Bill Stoneham created his work “The Hands Resist Him”. This creation also goes by another nickname “eBay Haunted Painting”.

When an object is believed to be haunted by something there certainly must be a reason for it. A trapped spirit or restless demonic force may latch onto this object entirely. There certainly seems to be something extra creepy about a haunted painting. Most people might get the image of a large castle and a hallway painting moving its eyes following someone as they walk by. Often this scenario has been seen in movies and different television shows.

As with many different works of art, they can be timeless giving people a certain amount of intimacy as they connect with the artists creation. Bill’s painting seems to have it all. It includes a creepy child, a creepy doll and many disembodied hands.

The Hands Resist Him by Bill Stoneham

The eyes seen in this painting, seemingly stare into ones soul. They almost seem to follow, as you move from one side to the another. Stoneham’s inspiration for his unusual photo, originated from a photograph which was taken of him when he was a small child.

The Hands Resist Him painting, was completed back in the year 1974. The title of the painting came from a poem which was written to his wife.

During an interview, Stoneham explains: “The hands were all of the possibilities….You were left with the question, ‘Are these disembodied hands? Are they dismembered, floating there in space? Or are they connected to bodies?’”

Unfortunately, there seems to be some sort of link between Stoneham’s painting and to those who have held ownership of the painting before. All of them have experienced a great tragedy. After only several years after its completion, three different men associated with the painting (including one gallery owner) and actor John Marley all died. (John Marley starred in the Godfather movie)

Afterward, a couple from California began reporting unbelievable things about this painting. Some of these things included—objects moving around at night and the painting itself disappearing from the canvas only to return later. Not only this, but those who have come into contact with this painting—have reported as feeling sick including young infants, who cried upon the first sight of the painting or even being near it.

Further reports mention that those who viewed the painting, left feeling weird and some mentioned that they felt like they were being tickled by unseen hands—as seen in Stoneham’s unusual painting. Later, the couple that had this painting, got rid of it. The painting was kept in the same space which was turned into an art gallery. The family claimed that their children witnessed the boy and the doll in the painting come to life.

Previously, this space was used as a brewery for 26 years. Later, the painting surfaced at the online auction site eBay. The couple listed the painting for $1,025 dollars it sold to a gallery owner named Kim Smith. Now, the painting sits in a storage space, far away from public viewing.

The following message was posted when the painting was up for auction:

“At the time, we wondered a little why a seemingly perfectly fine painting would be discarded like that. (Today we don’t!!!) One morning our 4 and ½ year old daughter claimed, that the children in the picture were fighting, and coming into the room during the night.”

The painting remains a mystery to date, as rumors about it continue to surface.

(Source: The Ghost Diaries and The Lineup)

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