The Pope Lick monster of Kentucky

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This half-man, half-goat like creature, was seen roaming around back in the later 1800’s near Louisville, Kentucky. (Particularly beneath a Norfolk Southern Railway trestle) It is known as the ‘Pope Lick Monster’, resembling a Satyr from mythology, it was said to startle its victims by letting loose a bellow much like a battle cry.

Strange stories have surfaced, such as the incarnation of this beast that was a circus freak and vowed its revenge upon being mistreated. Other stories include it is a reincarnated farmer who used to sacrifice goats from his satanic worship – which gave him supernatural powers.

The monster and its ways of revenge upon its victims have been rather diversified. Many believers thought the beast used voices and types of mimicries; to lure trespassers to their deaths before oncoming trains.


More often than not it would throw stones at people, jump down onto the roof of their vehicle trying to attack them. Another report includes The Pope Lick Monster wielding a bloody stained rusty axe; meanwhile using hypnosis on its next victim.

People have been quite curious about this unusual tale, and over time the legends about it have turned this area into a destination for thrill seekers. Apparently, there have been a number of deaths in the same area since its first sighting back in the 1800’s. Was this beast responsible? Or, was it something else entirely?


An 8 foot fence was put up to ward off visitors but people continue to wander around it. In the late 1940′s another sighting happened; depicting further details about it – including its mutant type figure, again resembling a half-man and half-goat like creature with strong goat legs.

With such a number of stories about this strange monster, it caught the attention of circus owner Silus Garner. He offered a rather large reward for anyone able to capture this beast and bring it back to him – as he wanted to make it part of his circus act.

Whatever this thing was or is, it has been a part of the folklore of this area in Kentucky for many years, and seems to grow more over time.

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