Stairwell doll moves by itself on camera

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One family reported a rather strange occurrence that people kept complaining about. It seems a doll they have is continuing to freak out this family as it moves around inside their house. As strange as it may seem, this doll seems to move entire by itself.

Captured on a closed circuit television, this doll seems to move and even propelled itself through the air. Certainly people are looking for something like fishing line which may have been used to move the doll.

The video demonstrates this rather odd paranormal experience these people have bared witnessed to. Some people have a phobia about dolls and start having panic attacks feeling like they can’t breath. Of course dolls have been used in cinema to terrify audience goers. Many people are scared of them.

This home and the owners feel like they are out of options to deal with this, other than to get rid of the doll. (Whether or not the doll returns by itself is another story) The video was uploaded this year, back in January.

The stairway doll is simple, yet with its simplicity it certainly gives people the heebie jeebies. There is even a sense of comedy while watching the video (from the movement seen on the video). Speculation can lead to why a spirit would perhaps move a doll like this.


Is this a moment where a spirit is trying to communicate? This would be a guess, as spirits are known to be trapped between the land of the living and the dead. Maybe this person isn’t quite ready to move on (yet).


With many videos and photos such as these, it is quite difficult to believe any truth. This time however perhaps what is seen on the video does raise a few questions. This more than likely is a prank but there are other videos floating around which seem more believable. Where this took place is also unknown but it is assumed to have happened somewhere in the United States. Whoever first uploaded this video hasn’t given any update yet.

It seems people are even selling haunted dolls on sites like eBay. For those interested, you can read more about these dolls HERE.

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