There Was Something Outside My Window

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An anonymous person shared their story. Normally, they don’t believe in ghosts or anything else like that. However, on this night, things would be different for them.

It was getting darker and the day was overcast mostly. She explained her dog was around this evening. This woman’s husband worked late night hours and his shift sometimes would rotate. 

Where they live is somewhat remote, it was the last home located on a country road outside of Altor, Pennsylvania. It is about an hour away from Philadelphia.

She was beginning to turn in for the night after getting ready for bed. It was later in the evening. Sometimes her dog (a golden retriever) would stay in the same room with her.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes later after she laid down, when she then heard a knocking that seemed to be coming from outside. At first she thought it might have been lightening as it looked like it was going to rain earlier. She stumbled around, eventually making her way to the living room. It was there where she noticed something unexplainable. 

She was shocked to look over and see what resembled a figure standing by one window. It appeared to be a woman peering into their home. It was really weird and she then wondered if someone needed help or worse it was someone wanting to break in.

Something outside the window

Remembering that her husband kept a handgun, she couldn’t find it in their room. However, she grabbed a kitchen knife as she soon approached the window.

She looked out the front door peep hole to see nothing there. Slowly she opened the door and looked outside for a moment. Her dog began to bark, as she turned the corner of the house where the figure first appeared. 

There was no trace of anyone around. Where they live is not far from the wilderness. However, it is off in the distance a bit. Even an Olympic sprinter could not make it that far so quickly. To her, it seemed like this figure vanished into thin air. 

All of it didn’t make sense really. She then pondered whether or not this was some kind of ghost or something else. It was the only thing that made any sense.

She did mention that her dog ran around the house for a bit, before returning back to her. To her, it seemed like her dog noticed something there with them that night.

To her knowledge nobody had ever died there. Was this some kind of haunting or did something else show up on that night. Things can go bump in the night and this time she may have avoided something not to be taken lightly. No doubt she was happy to see her husband return later.

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