Emilie Sagée and her ghostly doppelgänger

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Everyone has someone out there who resembles them (in a physical sense) but what if their own shadow simply came to life in the form of a ghostly apparition? The strange story of Emilie Sagée, is an interesting one.

She was a young woman from Dijon, France, who made her way around to different places as a teacher. In 1845, she journeyed to Latvia and began teaching at an exclusive all girls school called Pensionat von Neuwelcke.

It is there, where Emilie Sagée became popular with the students who studied there. At some point, the school board later became concerned about Emilie Sagée and her employment history. Emilie was personable, intelligent and an extraordinary teacher.

Emilie Sagee

However, she had difficulty holding a job. From varying different sources, she was dismissed from 18 previous schools. There was a reason for this, it seemed that wherever she was, a strange phenomenon would occur. Quite often, she was spotted being in two place at the same time. It simply couldn’t be explained and certainly had people on edge while Emilie was around.

The prestigious Pensionat von Neuwelcke School where she was teaching, was known for its nobility and upscale upbringing. Only those with both wealth and defined etiquette would attend. Different documented accounts make mention of Emilie being discovered, as some sort of ghostly apparition.

Emilie Sagee story

It wasn’t just a few people seeing this, but many who came forward—as eye witnesses to this strange phenomena. Her spectral twin, was first seen during a class session, when 13 different students all witnessed the doppelganger standing by Sagee’s side mirroring her every move. Then another incident took place with Emilie.

She had no idea, that an apparition was seen standing behind her as she was eating. One can only imagine, the looks on everyone’s face who bared witnessed to all of this. After this, Emilie seemed to become tired and powerless when these doppelganger moments manifested themselves.

Perhaps whatever was happening, was simply draining her each time this would happen. It is suggested that this copy of her, was some sort of wraith spirit. A wraith is a ghost-like image of someone notably seen just before or after their death. This nebulous image, may have been subliminally under Emilie’s control in some way.

One incident was witnessed by nearly 50 different people. Students were working on projects in their sewing class with Emiliee in the classroom. To their surprise, they also looked out the window to see Emilee working in the garden outside.

Several of the students, were brave enough to approach the manifested apparition seen outside. When they got close enough, they reached out to touch her—only to notice their hands pass right through her body. They said she looked exactly like Emilie and were weary about the encounter.

Once again, Emilie’s stay was short-lived—after numerous stories made their way to the administration of the school. This ghostly apparition of Emilie, made its way around the school grounds becoming one of history’s most famous doppelgänger type cases.

(Source: COOL Interesting Stuff and The Line Up)

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