High School Friends Stumble Into Haunted Factory

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Back many years ago, friends were out looking for a good time. They happened to come across an old abandoned factory. The place was really run down, broken glass was everywhere and the walls were covered in graffiti.

During this time, several of these friends were crushing on one another. She didn’t want to let him know about how much she liked him but was eager enough to come along for their adventure together. They weren’t alone however, as another friend was with them.

High School Friends Stumble Into Haunted Factory

Through the ruins of this place, they came upon a nearby hole in a wall. It was big enough to enter so they decided to go in. The day was a bit overcast. So, they pressed on carrying flashlights. Deciding to leave their mark here, they also brought with them spray paint.

They eventually made their way upstairs walking up a rather rickety staircase. It seems as though this place was used before, as makeshift skating ramps were setup. The place was big enough to accommodate.  

After reaching upstairs on the second floor, their camera batteries suddenly started dying. Strangely enough, she remembered charging her camera from before. His camera oddly enough also began to stop working. They pressed on and explored the place further. Each of the rooms were covered in filth with many cobwebs and dust everywhere. The place even had an odd odor about it.

In one of the rooms part of the floor was gone, it was so dark in here…they couldn’t see how far down this hole was. Certainly nobody wanted to fall through there. As they kept wandering through, one friend started screaming after noticing what resembled to be a face peering out from one of the broken windows inside.

She was the only one of them who witnessed the face and thought she was just seeing things. As they went deeper inside this factory, less graffiti was noticeable. They all turned towards one another at one point after hearing strange noises coming from some of the abandoned rooms. The lighting in these rooms was poor, they could barely make out any kind of details. All of them became uncomfortable not long after.

One of the girls found what appeared to be a trinket of some sort. It was made of metal. After this, they came across a large room with torn-apart animals everywhere. Disgusted, they glanced over to see parts of cats, dogs, dead rats and birds. Someone was here burning things, as fireplace spots were noticeable along some parts of the floor. There were weird patterns drawn into the charcoal left behind.

Maybe some kind of occult type rituals were happening here. After they found this room, they quickly turned around and backtracked from where they came. As they did, they noticed silhouettes of things moving around in the shadows. Their hearts began to race as they made their way outside.

To this day, they believe they came across something otherworldly like ghosts or possibly something else. Over the next several nights, one of them kept having dreams about burning in fire. They even noticed a shadowy figure back at their place. Crying them self to sleep, they vowed to never return there. Something was haunting that factory and it wasn’t human.

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