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Photograph captures spirit girl standing by window

Seen in this eerie photo, appears to be some sort of young spirit standing in a window. Noticeably behind her, stands a watchful guardian eye and face. The girl appears to be around 9 to 12 years old, she is standing near a candle light. The photograph was taken sometime during the daylight hours.

Little girl spirit in the window with face behind her

The entire photograph, has a rather ominous feeling about it. From what is known, the photo was taken in the small town of Portage County, Ohio. The son who took this, didn’t expect to see anything like this, he certainly must have been startled. Quite often, ghostly photos don’t have much clarity to them. This is one of the most defined photos of a spirit or perhaps demonic force ever captured before.

Apparently, Lu Ann Sicuro and her family moved to a home in the town of Ravenna, back in the early 1990’s. This area is rather small, boasting a population of around 12,000 people. After moving here, the family began experiencing some shimmers of paranormal activity. Often, she would hear footsteps and noises coming from the kitchen area.

What was disturbing about these experiences, was her hearing voices from beyond the grave. Other things like door handles turning, also became quite disturbing. Suspicions were, this place was haunted by something. Lu Ann Sicuro’s son captured something really unique on this day. It makes one wonder if some kind of rituals were taking place inside of this home. The two spiritual entities seen are clearly defined and were inhabiting this home for a reason.

Possessed spirit girl in the window

Not much else is known, but one can speculate that this place previously experienced something supernatural here. Maybe this little girl was murdered or worse. The face with the large eye behind her is pretty spooky looking to say the least.

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Not all haunting s are alike, and they may exhibit a variety of phenomena. Sometimes people can also smell things that are strange. With other haunting s people have mentioned smelling flower scents, earthy scents among others in relation to ghostly activity.

While it is easy enough to freak out and run away scared, the rational thing to do, is to remain calm if something like this happens. This of course is easy enough to say if someone has never experienced something such as this before. Numerous ghostly and demonic sightings are reported about daily. There are so many strange things happening in our world, we need to keep an open mind about all of it, as we learn more.

(Source: Skyrock)

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