Street Musician nearly makes deal with the Devil

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During an intriguing interview seen on the YouTube channel Leak Project, a man named Ra Castaldo, explains how he nearly made the biggest mistake of his life. The entire encounter, was something from out of this world. Although the lighting and quality isn’t crystal clear, Ra genuinely appears to be shaken up about it.

Rex Bear from Leak Project, asks Castaldo different questions during the interview. He starts off explaining how this wasn’t his first encounter with the paranormal. One evening, after leaving his workplace, Ra explains how he had an Extraterrestrial type encounter.

It happened in an alleyway, where he often would cut through, to get back to his apartment where he was staying at. The night of the incident, Ra recalls smelling a familiar smell. It was the perfume of his deceased grandmother, she often would wear it.

Musican almost makes deal with the Devil

This smell and sensation made him feel safe, he said. It was like her spirit comforted him during this time. He truly believes that her spirit was with him on this night, guarding him from danger or perhaps steering him off into another direction.

On the very next night, he was walking back from work, it was late around 1:00 a.m. He had his guitar with him, wearing it across his shoulder. He reached an intersection in the road, it was there, when he suddenly had the urge to start playing. It was as if something made him start playing, a sudden urge inspired him to do so.

Castaldo believes that this was a part of ‘Babalon Workings’. These were/are a series of magic rituals performed between January to March of 1946, by author, rocket-fuel scientist and occultist Jack Parsons, along with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The ritual itself, was designed to bring forth the manifestation of a archetypal divine feminine known as Babalon. This project was first based off of the ideas by Aleister Crowley and another project in his 1917 novel Moonchild.

Ra Castaldo

Ra went on to say previously, that there was always a homeless man by a Burger King restaurant down the street. This man always had a cart with cans and always seemed to be looking for more. Each time he asked the man whether he needed anything, the man would simply growl back at him. At first he didn’t think much about it.

One night while Castaldo was sitting Indian style with his guitar along the street, he was looking down. When he glanced up, he noticed what appeared to be shiny brand new shoes. It was an old man dressed with a suit as well. Incredibly, this same man, appears to be the same homeless man he often would pass by at the Burger King. It was really strange, as this man no longer appeared to be homeless. This same man, now has a brand new suit on and his hair is slicked back. The smell of cigars filled the air.

Castaldo thought that this man came into a sum of money as he thought a donation was coming next. As it turns out, when Castaldo looked up into the eyes of this man, something seemed off. He wasn’t anything like he was before. This older man was talking smooth, he was entirely different than a disgruntled homeless person.

Seeming to be impressed by Castaldo’s musical skills, the older man offers him a deal to come and perform at a club he was starting up. He further explained, that he owns a business and wanted him to be a part of it. He told Castaldo, that he could have anything that he ever wanted if he would say yes and come with him. Again, a calm sensation washed over him as he felt that perhaps his grandmother was watching over him from beyond the grave.

For whatever reason, Castaldo explained to the man, that he wasn’t interested in taking the deal. This seemed to infuriate the man, as he eyes turned more red than anything else had had ever seen before. He believes to this day, that this man was either the devil itself or some kind of dark demonic force of some kind. He is glad that he didn’t take the deal.

From what is understood, Ra was arrested previously in his life, for what reason it was never explained. Apparently, Ra Castaldo, was raised in a cult type environment when he was younger. Whether or not any of his story is true, is up for interpretation.

Astral Realm Ra Castaldo

However, Ra Castaldo does have a YouTube channel, where you can watch more of him at “Exploring the Ka with host Ra Castaldo”. His full name is Ralph Anthony Shade Castaldo and has a website called The Mystical Spiral found here.

Watch more of the video interview below from Leak Project.

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