Scary pranks gone right and wrong

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Ghost girl on subway prank

A number of videos have been floating around lately, showing scary scenarios. While some of them are amusing, others are downright stupid. It has become a trend for people to do these types of pranks. Of course during Halloween, there are even more of them around. Those who are foolish enough to try this, can sometimes have the tables turned upon them rather quickly.

People chase after ghouls and goblins and there are others who desperately seek out attention, by setting up scary pranks. This time around, it didn’t work out so well—as these scary clowns got more than they bargained for. Watch as a real gun, is pointed their way and afterward, a royal ass whipping soon follows.

In the next video, a young girl is dressed as a ghost. She is on the subway and soon after, she perfectly seems to scare people at random in Brazil. First, she appears before several ladies and then a couple who didn’t expect her to be there—as their imaginations get the best of them. Later, she chases some people off the subway. A manic cackle can be heard by someone involved with the prank. The video has since been seen millions of times.

This next video, shows a masked man hiding in a house. He is waiting for a young woman to come back through the door. He times his scare just right, sending her into a frightful panic. All of this looks setup until things take a turn for the worst. Listen as one girl screams out Rachael in terror. The video supposedly was debunked, but some think otherwise.

A devil baby prank was setup, showing an animatronic doll placed inside a remote controlled baby stroller. What follows are some different reactions. It seems Brazilian people enjoy a well thought out prank.

Perhaps part of the reason people do things like this is, they are adrenaline junkies. The sensation they get gives them quite a rush. Those who have ever worked inside a haunted house know this feeling.

Likewise, jumping out of an airplane or taking a selfie high a top a tall building, are all the same type of people with the same type of personality. These people can be dangerous in certain moments to themselves and others around them. That being said, sometimes certain moments of amusement are ripe for frightful fun.

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