Been cursed? Break an egg to see

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A rather bizarre ritual apparently can be used to determine whether or not someone has been cursed in their life. It involves using a common egg found at your local supermarket. However, using a private farm laid egg is even better.

There is dark magic which surrounds us, just like good magic does. These energies affect us each day. Quite usually, people who are troubled are attracting the negative energies towards them. Doing something such as this, may be considered a type of witchcraft practice.

Been cursed Break an egg to see

If someone were to attempt this, they must maintain a clear mind before breaking the egg. The practice of breaking an egg like this, is seriously believed by those practicing types of Voodoo and Hoodoo. The egg breaking is a simple technique to determine whether or not you have a spell cast on you or some other kind of negative energy is flowing towards you.

Regardless of one’s beliefs, practices such as these date back for many years. Some people seem to have it easier in life than others. There may well be a reason for this. They were cursed in this lifetime or perhaps a previous one.

Being victim to a damnation in one’s existence, happened for some kind of reason. Those that do belief in reincarnation, think that we come back to the world until we get it right. Others think that this is it and we are gone forever. Those who are religious think we will ascend into heaven after we are gone.

If you are curious to find out if any magical negative energies have been affect your life, try breaking an egg.

Here is how:

  • Fill a clean, clear bowl with blessed water and say a pray to the deity of your choosing to help you find the truth.
  • Take an egg from the fridge and say another prayer that the egg you’re holding will absorb any negative energy.
  • Place the egg on the top of your head and roll it from there to the back of your head, down your neck, around the center of your back, and to your chest, all  while focusing on the egg absorbing any negative energy.
  • Once the above steps are completed, break the egg and empty its contents inside the bowl of water you’ve prepared. Take notice of any strange patterns or irregularities.

After doing this and the smell from the egg you cracked open is bad or if the water appears cloudy, then you are under the influence of a dark type spell or curse. Other notions are that you are holding onto negative energy from your past or present. Now, if the egg yolk takes the shape of an eye, then you are being affected by “the evil eye.”

However, if the water in the yolk was poured into bubbles, then the negative energy was absorbed by an external force. It is thought that if this happens, then your guardian spirit is watching out for you helping you heal. Like anything such as this, take it with a grain of salt. That being said, there are many things that we don’t know about entirely. Be cautious and careful if you try this.

(Source: Destination America)

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