Ghastly Ghoul caught on Google Street View

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While someone was browsing Google street View, they noticed something peculiar looking out a window located at the Stuart Hotel in Walton, Liverpool. It appears to be a ghastly ghoul of sorts. No doubt, this freaked out the person who first discovered this back in 2016. They announced the finding on Twitter initially. They found this by mere accident, as they were searching for a nearby fish and chip shop during the month of May.

Ghoul caught looking out window Stuart Hotel Liverpool

The user is known as ‘Lallana Experiment’ and they said the following:

“I was looking on Google Street View to find a fish and chip shop in Walton, and I came across The Stuart Hotel. Something in the top left hand window caught my eye. It looks like a ghostly image of an evil-looking face. Look closely and it looks like it is breathing on the inside of the window. Next to the face, is what looks like a man in a tuxedo and dickey bow.”

This isn’t the only location that has a haunted history in the Liverpool area. There are other places nearby including the Liverpool Empire Theatre, The Tower, The Wellington Rooms, The Philharmonic Pub, 251 Menlove Avenue, Epstein Theatre, The Slaughter House, Britannia Adelphi Hotel, and The Pub in the Park.

Stuart Hotel in Walton Liverpool

There is much history to this area and with it…many haunted tales of woe. Local paranormal expert Tom Slemen said, this pub has been a focal point for paranormal activity for many years. It seems that the Stuart Hotel in Walton, is known for its paranormal activity.

Tom went on to say, “I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the faces in the windows; they do look eerie though. There are 150 haunted pubs in Liverpool, and the Stuart Hotel is one of them, although, as far as I know, most of the ghostly goings-on happened in the pub’s past.

Stuart Hotel in Walton

In 1897, the then landlord of the Stuart Hotel was a down-to-earth 41-year-old Wallasey man named Robinson Pemberton investigated a strange scratching noise in the cellar of the pub, and believed it was a rat, but then the noise became louder and was soon heard in neighboring houses.”

He continued: “Three days later, the pub was shaken from top to bottom and the windows of the pub were left open in case the vibrations shattered the glass.

“The noise then stopped, but a drinker rapped three times on the walls of the pub one night – and received three knocks back.

“The noise in the cellar then kicked off again, as well as the sound of a distant bell, which was heard for a week.

“A priest from St Mary’s Church left a Bible in the cellar and the noise was never heard again.”

All of this is strange, it is unknown if the face seen in the window, is someone wearing a mask or something else entirely. Spirits are all around us, those dramatized by a brutal death or unfinished business, often linger around a bit longer…before moving onward into the afterlife to find peace.

(Source: Daily Star)

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