Zookeeper Dies After Having Sex With Alligator

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This outrageous story couldn’t be true or could it? Allegedly, a 24 year old zookeeper from Florida was having sexual intercourse with a 12-foot long alligator. Another alligator named Brutus came to the aid of the other gator and attacked zookeeper Jimmy Olsen. The 24-foot long male alligator, dragged him underwater drowning him.

According to Captain Henri White, spokesman of the Naples Police Department, Jimmy Olsen was engaged in full sexual intercourse with one of the younger reptiles. Jimmy had no idea that another gator was nearby and was attacked while having sex.

Jimmy was estimated to have died at around 6:00 AM in the morning. It wasn’t until later, when other co-workers noticed Jimmy had gone missing. Jimmy’s dismembered body was discovered floating around the alligator enclosure at around 8:30 AM. The entire incident is both bizarre and quite disturbing.

Captain White, explained that Jimmy put himself in a very vulnerable position, according to what was seen by security cameras. White said, “He had his pants around his knees and was lying down on top of one the animals, with his back to the others. The poor guy didn’t stand a chance! We can see him being dragged into the water, then he disappears from sight. He was probably dead within thirty seconds of the attack.”

Naples Zoo Jimmy Olsen Sex With Alligator

While Jimmy Olsen is the first known zoo employee to ever die while having sex with an animal, he isn’t the first zoo worker to be implicated for bestiality. Other incidents have happened including back in 2002, when Columbus Zoo employees let people in after hours to forincate with animals in exchange for money.

It is creepy to think what goes on behind locked doors. There are many disturbed individuals out there. Jimmy Olsen had been working with the reptiles at Naples Zoo for the last several years. He was considered an expert reptile specialist before his death. Who knows how many other animals he may have abused before his demise.

While the source of this article World News Daily Report is questionable, some think its true while others do not. It is such a crazy world, it makes you wonder.

(Source: World News Daily Report)

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