Company Uses Creepy Clowns To Deliver Donuts To Your Door

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Most people are put off by clowns, they think they are out to get them or leave them feeling uncomfortable. Known as coulrophobia, people often have an extreme irrational fear of clowns in general. It actually is a pretty common thing, as many don’t like being around clowns.

One franchise company known as Hurts Donuts, have taken a different kind of approach to selling donuts. Their rather innovative and novel way of selling donuts, is something anyone would soon not forget. 

Hurts Donuts Company

Their donuts are full of sugary delight and they have a good variety of donuts to enjoy. The thought of answering your door and seeing a clown with a box full of donuts, is quite a peculiar sight to see. Surely something like this would go over well during the Halloween season. 

The Hurts Donuts company, now has 20 different locations around the United States. Their donut menu consists of 77+ different donuts to enjoy and their staff has grown to over 600 employees. 

Using ambulances, they claim to be open 25 hours out of each day and “8 days a week”.  So far, they have sold over 4 million donuts. The company offers a good amount of different donuts to be eaten. Some of these include: Cosmic Brownie, Fruity Pebbles, Cotton Candy, and Smores.

A number of clown sightings and strange experiences, have been reported over the years. According to reports, Americans are more afraid of clowns than climate change, terrorism, and death. The phobia of clowns, seems to exist with people ages 18 to 44 years old.

Hurts Donut will deliver a box of delicious treats to someone’s front door, but it won’t be delivered by just anyone, someone will arrive wearing a clown costume.

These rather sinister looking clowns, will deliver the package to your family, friends or co-workers for a fee. Most certainly, they will be confused and scared over the encounter. For some, it might be the fright of their life! Now is the time to setup a joke.

The following locations have a Hurts Donut shop so far:

Springfield, MO

Wichita, KS

Norman, OK

Coralville, IA

Lincoln, NE

Middleton, WI

West Des Moines, IA

Joplin, MO

Tempe, AZ

Tulsa, OK

Fayetteville, AR

Katy, TX

Branson, MO

Frisco, TX

Oklahoma City, OK

Colorado City, CO

Kansas City, MO

Best of luck finding one, you can appreciate the novelty of this business. Shops like these have to be different in order to survive the current economy and thrive.

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