Enormous Alien Creature Captured By Google Earth

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Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t human. As seen in a Google Earth capture, a large underwater creature was spotted upon zooming in through the map application. Lots of people are thinking this is a new discovery of some kind of underwater sea creature. Others think it’s more alien-like due to its bizarre shape and size. 

The “head” of the creature seems to have a protruding tentacle coming from underneath its lower jaw-like region. It’s possible this is some kind of rummage floating many miles from elsewhere. Whatever it was, it seemed to be cruising through the water seamlessly. 

While this could be a hoax of sorts, it makes us wonder what lurks deep down in the Antarctic waters below. After all, we have only seen a small sample size of sea life with our technology today. There are far more creatures living in the fresh and salt water around our world. 

From what can be seen with this Google Earth zoom in shot, there are people in a boat scouring the area. Perhaps they are some kind of scientists on an expedition. What they discovered that day might be a world changing historic find. It is difficult to tell from this single composited photo but the mystery creature appears to be similar to a large worm of some kind. 

Image: anomalien.com

Some people mentioned that this mystery creature resembles a character from the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon show. It looks like the “Alaskan bull worm”. This creature does seem to have  a cartoonish kind of appearance. It is possible that this was digitally edited and made as a prank of some kind?

The consensus is there are more than 2.2 million marine species residing in the Earth’s oceans. However, to date mankind has only found around 240,00 so far. It isn’t too far of a stretch to think that there are more species living among us in the ocean. With our world changing, there are a far number of species disappearing each year.

Our ocean covers about 71% of the surface and does contain 97% of the Earth’s water. According to science reports, there are 236,878 marine species currently. However, there is a possibility of around 25 million marine species out there. That is quite a big number!

As of yet, there has been no official confirmation of any kind regarding this discovery yet.

Source: Anomalien

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