Pope Francis predicts the world will end soon

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Pope Francis and his prediction for the end of times

It is a sign of the times, there are far too many disasters to ignore. Has humanities fate been sealed? Pope Francis from the Catholic Church mentioned we are in a transition period in this world. While most of us are clinging onto hope for better days ahead, we may not make it much longer. According to his commentary, The Pope believes that the apocalypse is coming and each of us will face our final judgment.

The Pope mentioned different signs are pointing towards our demise. Natural disasters arising, terrorist attacks (such as the Paris incident) have caught the attention of the world. Pope Francis has denounced the attacks, claiming Islamic values justified such a massacre.

According to the bible, warnings such as this from the scripture made references towards both famine and war. When the end of days happens, the darkness will come. Perhaps this is nothing more than mere blasphemy.

Further words muttered by Pope Francis include: “The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” Jesus warned about such times, which would lead towards the final day for mankind. The scripture also brings forth more references towards destruction.

False Prophet The Pope

Inevitably, a cosmic catastrophe will approach the Earth. Pope Francis couldn’t state when exactly this was going to happen—without any specific detail of our final day upon Earth. The exact date is not yet known, this prediction by him is simply his feeling and focus of what lies ahead.

Christianity could not be predicted by following various horoscopes to pin point the final judgment of mankind. These horoscopes would only serve as a distraction to Christian people before they would receive their final judgment.

The sins of man are strong and indeed these are desperate times that we are facing. His stern warning was that people will need to be prepared to face and meet the Lord thy God when he arrives. It is predicted that Jesus’s sacrifice will lead to a redemption, and this redemption would rule the entire world. “We are called to live the present,” he said, “but always be ready to meet God whenever he may call.”

False Prophet Pope Francis

Pope Francis and his message is a strong one, for those who do not have faith, now is the time to believe and brave forward for a better day to come for us all. Some believe that his message is that of a false prophet and nothing more. A number of people even believe that The Pope is nothing but an evil doer with many things that he continues to hide.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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