Germans stockpile supplies for world event

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German girl getting water

There is something on the horizon, what this might be is unclear at the moment. However in Germany, the people there are stockpiling food and water in preparation for a world event it seems. The last time this country faced such an event dates back to the Cold War-era. What is really happening here or what will this country face to prepare such as this?

Some speculate this is nothing more than scaremongering tactics. Others believe that the Germans know something everyone else doesn’t yet. It is believed to be a part of a new military strategy. Everything is speculation yet the pandemonium is spreading as supermarkets are selling out of supplies fast.

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The citizens are expected to gather enough supplies which would last them for at least 10 days time. An actual disaster would render the country unable to get enough supplies to its citizens for a real national emergency initially.


A new civil defence concept was advised by the government. There are around 2,000 public bunkers that were built in West Germany by federal funding. Before this happened, East Germany had a communist network series of shelters in place.

There are a number of private structures in place also among schools, cellars and garages to take shelter within. There are also specialized bunkers which were made including Beuenahr-Ahrweiler. For those seeking to change these shelters a law is in place to prevent it.

These must remain as they are. With the stockpiling of supplies at various locations it seems something is certainly in place to happen. An emergency system is in place to ration out fuel and food stamps to people in light of an actual disaster.

Germany interior minister Thomas de Maiziere

Germans with a dual nationality will lose their German citizenship if they choose to fight for militant Islamist groups abroad. This was established under a new anti-terror proposal. The Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere recently announced plans to speed up deportation of foreign criminals. More personnel equipment including surveillance gear will be issued to the police force across the country.

With recent events happening people are becoming paranoid at everything. A series of events have happened which led up to this, including on July 18th, an Afghan teenager attacked passengers on board a train in Wuerzburg they were wielding an ax and knife.

He was killed by police afterward. Another event happened on July 22nd when a German teen (of Iranian heritage) shot and killed 9 people in Munich. They then turned the gun on them self.

It doesn’t stop there, on July 24th a 21 year old Syrian refugee killed a woman with a machete after fatally wounding 5 other people. He fled, but was then arrested. The same day a 27 year old Syrian who was refused a refugee application then blew himself up outside a bar in Ansbach. There were 15 people who were then wounded. Perhaps mental illness was a factor or even something else entirely. Something is certainly going on.

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