Eerie apparition photographed in the United Kingdom

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Located in the United Kingdom, a brother apparently woke up in the middle of the night – after hearing strange sounds coming from downstairs. Luke Jackson, had awakened in the late night hours after craving a cigarette. The 36 year old, was surprised as he wandered down the steps of his flat.

At first, he was both shocked and stunned to see what appeared to be the apparition of a elderly woman wearing a purple cardigan. He felt uneasy about what he was seeing. Whatever this was, it appeared to be that of a ghostly presence.

Luke inadvertently photographed this ghostly spirit. He believes, that this woman – is the former tenant, who is now haunting his brother’s home located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Perhaps this spirit, is having trouble moving onward into the afterlife.

Luke Jackson ghost in United Kingdom

As Luke gazed upon her, the apparition eerily stood in place at the bottom of the stairs. Luke was unsure of what to do next. He then grabbed his cellphone, to capture a photo of this ghost. He hoped that the flash from the camera, would help shine light upon what he was seeing. Luke clearly could see this full-bodied apparition lurking at the bottom of the stairs.

This anomaly was unlike anything he had ever seen before. If he didn’t believe in ghosts before, now he does. Luke left the spot after a while and later tried to figure out who this woman was. What he does know is that the previous tenant had died just over a year ago. Luke is convinced that he has photographed her spirit with his phone.

Many remain skeptical about the entire incident, as with most things like this, they are difficult to believe without real proof. One argument about this is how lighting can affect the situation. Those skeptical, undoubtedly believe that this is nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Another theory about this is, Luke simply wanted to prank his brother.

Image: Luke Jackson

Image: Luke Jackson

Luke said:

“I heard the steps and I got my phone out to shine some light. When I looked back at the shot that figure had just appeared. It’s completely baffled me.It is the clearest picture of a ghost I’ve ever seen.”

Ghostly spirits are found in many different locations. The reason they remain behind, is to finish business from their life, while they were still alive in the real world. Some feel, they are just a mere snapshot moment frozen in time. Sometimes cameras can capture something such as this. There are a variety of different types of ghostly spirits left, which still wander our world.

(Source: Coast to Coast and Metro UK)

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