Secret underground alien reptilians are enslaving humans

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Deep beneath the Earth, are alien underground UFO bases. These secret locations are believed to be scattered around the world. Many of them, reach far down below the Earths surface. It is here, where underground reptilian crystal mining cities exist. There are different extraterrestrial lifeforms here. It is believed that the infamous reptilian humanoid type species—have established a colony underground and are spreading across our world.

Alien reptilian face

How many of them there are is unknown, but there are enough of them to have created various devices which are used to entrap people. Some of these are box-like containers which hold either one or possibly several humans inside—who thereby mine for a particular type of mineral known as Tiberium crystals. The reptilians, have a plan and are harvesting these crystals for a reason. There are many assumptions to what it is they might be used for.

Tiberium crystals

They are considered to be dangerous to mankind, as they are here to enslave humanity to do their bidding. In society, many videos and photos continuously show different reptilians disguised as human beings. There is something off about their eyes and how they look. Briefly there are moments, where the eyes seem to mutate into their true selves.

Many people believe they have infiltrated our government at the highest levels. Certainly, it seems strange with all of the current chaos going on around the world right now. Perhaps several alien species are secretly fighting for our world. There are some sent here to save us and some to destroy us.

Why would an alien species abduct humans out in remote locations where they are alone or with small groups of people? The answer is to remain subtle, many people go missing each year. Tragically, they are never found and if they are—often they have been abused in some way. There have been a few cases where the body discovered looked very surgically tampered with. Either a deranged serial killer is responsible or it is something else entirely.

Underground cave enterance

From what is known, the people are abducted and taken by the reptilians and/or another alien race. They have been transported to Bila (a reptilon) planet of Alfa Dragonis a star system in the constellation of Draco. Where these names originated from is unclear, but this is what has been labeled in English about them.

Once a person has been taken to this new planet, they are surrounded by an almost seamlessly endless reptile type desert stretching for miles. The place has mountains with caves and waterfalls. They go very deep underground.

poison gas in cave

The caves are scenically beautiful, full of intelligent alien predators, who lure strangers with warms of fire and hidden traps. The area is quite enchanting to look at, with its high waterfalls and overlooks as well. It is assumed that a fair share of poison fills the air and will poison anyone who explores the caverns without a proper gas mask. The reason for this type of atmosphere is merely for protection to trespassers of this place.

More of these reptilian species exist, as smaller sized cave dragon eggs. They haven’t hatched yet into their adulthood. Some other strange looking species exist such as glowing alien scorpions, jellyfish, and millipedes (which are very venomous). Some of the Tiberium crystals can be found on the surface, however many of them are smaller sized with a yellow brown color tint to them.

A certain type crystal which has the color of lime yellow green, are the type of Tiberium crystals the reptilians are most interested in. These are found deep down at a depth of around 1 mile underground. They are located in inside purple diamond clusters. The speculation is that the ancient reptilians were most interested in these crystals as they shape them into jewelry. The crystals are believed to contain a power which can be unlocked.

boxes in cave

The recent species seem to be after this in particular. People captured are taken to their cities and held as captives. The place where they stay, is made up of titanium type houses without any doors or windows. There are thousands of them. Essentially, there is no escape—as humans cannot breath from the atmosphere or move outside of their boxed cages.

Different openings have been discovered, leading to this alien underworld and some brave adventurers have recorded video footage of some areas. It can take some time to descend down below and wander for miles before seeing anything. The underground goes so deep, that parts of liquid magma can be spotted in some areas. Getting out alive will prove to be quite the feat. Perhaps more will come to pass about all of this.

(Source: Igor Kryan)

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