French woman believes she is an alien-human hybrid

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Lisa human alien hybrid

A French woman named Lisa believes that she is the offspring from that of a human and alien. A video goes in depth with her friend essentially telling her story on camera. It is one extraordinary tale, whether or not it is true, is up to interpretation. However, the amount of details revealed about her, gives this story some weight. The video by Earth Mystery News has been uploaded on YouTube. This is another example of something strange going on within society.

Many details often get covered up in the media, but there are those seeking answers to unexplained things. Lisa is currently 41 years old and has always felt different. Maybe there is a reason for this, as she actually may be different after all. Are these human alien hybrids being bred and experimented upon in secret? Roughly, about half the population thinks something has been going on. The other half completely doubt that anything has been happening at all.

Lisa speaks only French and very limited English if any at all. She stands 6’3″ and has blonde hair and green colored eyes—making her rather striking to look at. She truly believes she is a part of something extraterrestrial by nature. What is known about hybrids, is that they are the children of humans who have been abducted for various reasons.

Lisa human alien hybrid interview

Human women have been randomly taken and impregnated by whatever means to produce a hybrid-alien child. The results are phenomenal, as these new hybrid humans have traits from the extraterrestrial as well. It is believed that these hybrid children carry the DNA which lays dormant until such time to change them physically and perhaps mentally as well.

Believed that the human side is far more controlling, the people nearly seamlessly blend into many public places. This includes governmental and expose to crowds walking the streets of cities. In certain moments, especially through the eyes the alien side shows itself in certain moments. Sometimes these moments have been captured on video as well showing a strange gaze as they look upon you. It feels like they are seeing into your soul.

Lisa human alien hybrid on camera

Those who proclaim that they are an alien hybrid such as Lisa, simply feel like they don’t belong and often feel out of place. Perhaps the reason for this is, that they are not crazy but actually yearning to return to their alien roots wherever it may be. Reports by those who think they are alien by nature, have been documented by psychologists. More often than not, these people have dreams in other-worldly places that we simply cannot fathom.

Sometimes they have out of body experiences where they drift through the air—levitating into another world and interact with their alien side of existence. Hybrids have reported that they possess different abilities such as being acute to things. They are highly intuitive, able to read the thoughts of others without speaking a single word.

Using their telepathic strength, they can actually read the thoughts of an individual entirely. Lisa feels that she has had experiments do to her and shared what happened with UFO researcher Luigi Vendittelli from Montreal, Canada. This is the first time that Lisa shared her experiences in an interview setting.

The experimentation has been happening for years, across different parts of the world. Whatever alien species this is, has crossbred with humans in hopes to populate the Earth as their new civilization to exist in. The question remains, do they want to co-exist or are they in preparation for a complete take over type scenario?

“I have a reason for being here and it is a little different than other people but I feel there are a lot of people like this. There is something to be done. We need to change things and it’s a very heavy burden to have.”


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