Man Photographs Extraterrestrial Entities, Hovering High Within The Clouds

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There were several photographs captured by one man flying from Warsaw to London, back on February 16th, 2017. After glancing carefully at these two photos, they appear to show a number of unidentified objects high above in the sky. After looking at these, they resemble extraterrestrials entities, who seemingly are standing or hovering within the clouds.

Man Photographs Extraterrestrial Entities Hovering High Within The Clouds

Some people have since said, these might be plumes from power plants. This is just a guess and hasn’t been confirmed yet either. While the photos do show a fair share of what was captured, they both are from a longer range away. The wing of the airplane, can be seen as this man snapped these two photographs.

All of these objects seem to vary in both size and shape. They appear to be tube-like and defy gravity itself as they seem to hover or stand within the clouds. The man wished to remain anonymous but he did send these photographs initially to The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). This USA based organization, is a non-profit group composed of civilian volunteers, who study UFO sightings. This case was recorded as number 82114.

This man said he was glancing out of his window to the left when out of the corner of his eye he noticed these strange dark looking thin figures. They were located in the middle of the clouds. He then explained they were up really high and there was no way they could be the top of buildings. 

He even considered them to be mini tornadoes at first. There were in total four different figures. Each seeming to have different features. As seen in the photographs, there were two taller looking ones and several smaller ones.

All of them together seemed to be holding a meeting or conversation of sorts. They didn’t appear to be moving from his vantage point. These extraterrestrial entities seemed to have dark  thicker upper bodies and thinner lower bodies.

To him, one of them appeared to even have a wings. This man was blown away by what he had seen. The sight was very unusual to say the least. Where they were located was random as well. After a while, they seemed to disappear as he flew past them during the plane ride.

He then explained afterwards, he showed these two photos to his parents and brother to get their opinions about this. All of them couldn’t believe their eyes, as they had never seen anything like this before.

Of course he was excited about it and wanted to find out what these things were. To date, there has been no official recognition about these mystery figures. They are unlike anything else ever seen. If they really were aliens, then it was an incredible discovery for sure.

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