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Delving into the unknown takes courage. Those who cast doubt have not yet opened their hearts and mind to understanding what exists beyond the world we know. Rarely do people come along who seem so genuine about their connection to those who have already left this world. Meet Matthew Fraser, a psychic medium who is much like Cole Sear (the boy from the (1999) film The Sixth Sense played by actor Haley Joel Osment)

Matthew is among a chosen few who have the ability to communicate with the dead. He has been seen on various television shows and appeared in different publications. Of course people are rather skeptical until they actually see what Matthew can do. He tries to keep calm while channeling (at times a number of lost ones) who want to connect to the living. People are often brought to tears from what they hear from Matt.


Matthew is making this his life’s mission instead of turning his back upon his true calling. He wants to spread messages of hope and give those in need reassurance and comfort. There are a number of fakes out there trying to make a quick buck off phony readings. The attention to detail he gives is rather impressive. Some people have no idea about the differences between a medium and clairvoyant.

A medium actually receives their information from the dead whereas a psychic reader uses tarot cards to foresee the outcome of a situation. A person who is clairvoyant uses their connection to read energies which radiate from a persons spirit. All of these types are considered psychic just different in the way they read and receive information.

Matt grew up in the New England area. His life was fairly typical until he began tapping into his psychic power at the tender age of four. Early moments freaked him out as he would hear and even see in certain moments spirits in his room. He tried to push this away until later when he was a teenager. It was then he started honing his otherworldly communication skills. His road of life journey was not a typical one from this point in time.


Matt as a teenager worked as a EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in the city of Boston. For years he kept quite about his secret ability in fear of being ridiculed. Only later did he find himself and his abilities which has led him to meet many people along the way. Now considered one of the more respected psychics in the world, he has spread his wave of illumination across the lands. Matt has appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox and other television stations. Watch this interview from Studio 10 live as two skeptics become believers on air after getting readings by Matthew for the first time. You can learn more about Matthew at his website HERE.

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