Guardian angels walk among us

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Angel statues

They have been sent from heaven to protect mankind. Sometimes they take the form as one of us, or even animals in certain moments. They are known as guardian angels. There are simply far too many unexplained moments, which point to some sort of divine intervention. These moments upon man, woman and child happen during certain trials which life has to offer. These moments of time, are something which people have to face or overcome for whatever different reasons.

It is a comforting thing, knowing that a guardian spirit is looking out for you. An angel, will be there for you in times of need, with an infinite amounts of love and understanding. It won’t matter, if you look and feel different, as you will be protected in times of need with strong faith and understanding. Not everyone believes in such positive forces and sometimes a more darker spirit—may take the form of something which seems entirely good, but in fact isn’t.

Guardian angel

Angels have been best described, as being both benevolent and knowledgeable about worldly events which take place. It is believed that God, has to make peace between the angels and many of them serve as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth, or as guardian spirits.

Numerous events take place, which can’t be explained by any other means other than divine intervention. There are many examples, such as a mother with a congestive heart failure history who experienced a near fatal moment, before her guardian angel intervened. Both parents were on their way back from Las Vegas and it was a long drive for them around 200 miles.

The mother started to experience pain and discomfort in her chest. The father then flagged down a policeman, who was pulled off alongside the road at a gas station. It was at this moment, when a Latino woman pulled up next to them in the parking lot. She mentioned that she could lead them to the hospital and quickly picked up on what was wrong.

This woman led the couple through Las Vegas, as if she had every street memorized, taking short cuts everywhere possible and directly leading them to the hospital. Once they arrived, the Latino woman immediately starting giving orders to the staff comparable to that of a doctor. She began to comfort the mother telling her that everything will be okay.

Before they could thank this unknown woman, she was already in her vehicle driving away. As she drove off, the father was able to write down her license plate. He gave the plate number to his son, who was an attorney during this time. They were unable to trace the plate, with the Nevada department of motor vehicles, because it didn’t exist.

Some believe that guardian angels are fallen loved ones—who from the spirit realm, help lookout for us and watch over us. People have mentioned, being visited by guardian angels in their sleep, this angel whether it be a deceased loved on or not—want to let you know that you are okay, as they are watching over you. Numbers can also play a part in communication with an angelic presence.

Often these numbers will appear in a repeated sequence such as 333 or 11:11 as an example. Children and animals are also believed to be able to see guardian angels whereas adults simply cannot. Sometimes a child or pet will seemingly be starring off in a certain part of the room. This may well be for a reason, as they can see the guardian angel there.

Angel in cloud

Clouds in the sky with pleasing shapes are a sign of an angelic presence nearby. Some have mentioned seeing hearts or other shapes formed. This is a sign that something is looking out for you. Other reports about angels include a sudden sensation of sweet smells in the air like flowers or fruits. When someone feels a tingle on top of their head, it can be the close connection of an angels halo.

The person will experience a sudden warmth, which will overcome them washing over their body. When you are out by yourself, sometimes it feels like you aren’t actually alone—as the guardian angel is there with you helping to guide you on your way. As a positive force, these guardian angels are here to help humanity and to guide us on our journey of life.

Angel girl

The next time you interact with a stranger, it may well be your guardian angel in disguise. Something to think about.

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