Conspiracy theorist Max Spiers found dead

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Earlier this year in June, a man named Max Spiers was discovered dead. He was an Ufologist and conspiracy theorist who claimed he was experimented on by a secret program. This program included military operations to create a group of super soldiers. Mysteriously he died not long afterward, creating a shroud of doubt upon believers and disbelievers.

Spiers was only 39 years old and left behind friends and family. His 31 year old fiance Sarah Adams mentioned he was researching about a satanic cult group before he died. Foul play certainly surrounds his death. Some people believe ultimately that black magic was responsible for his demise.


Max also had his computers hard drive wiped. How and when this was done also raises questions. It seems that he was killed by a very dangerous group of people who will stop at nothing to silence the truth of things. His phone was found at the bottom of a bathtub—before being returned by friends to his mother mother Vanessa Bates age 63. Before he died, he contacted his mother with a text message stating that he was in trouble and if he was found dead to please investigate.


The family were used to death threats from various people. This time around, things were taken one step further as mentioning s of him dying did eventually happen. His efforts to expose such things made him a target by political leaders and even certain celebrities. It is believed by the community that Max Spiers was made an example to scare off others who dare leak information to the public

Max lived in Poland and was on the rise with his conspiracy career. He was even invited to speak back in July at a conference held in Poland. The discovery of his body was indoors on a sofa. He was staying with a woman who he didn’t know for very long. She came back home to discover him. Her name is Monika Duval.


Perhaps Max dug too far within the deepest darkest places online and rubbed someone the wrong way. The people responsible have yet to be caught yet. It was a professional hit as he died from unknown causes which haven’t officially been released. Perhaps he was poisoned or even shot dead. Max will be buried by the Canterbury cemetery after his mother made arrangements to have him flown back home.

There will be an examination which will be carried out by a pathologist located in Kent. His mother mentioned that Max didn’t suffer any physical injuries. This leads her to believe he was indeed poisoned with internal injuries. Max also left behind a brother and sister. Everyone is searching for answers to the questions they have about what did really happen.   (Similar story found HERE)

Update: It seems a black goo was the cause of his death. This substance has yet to be identified.

(Source: Metro and Telegraph)

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