Young women capture Victorian era ghost in selfie photo

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Back in 2014, two friends posed for a selfie picture together. Everything seems fine, except for what is standing behind both of them. Some sort of spirit, can be seen between the two girls. While it can be difficult to determine what is real and what is not, it is amusing to ponder the possibilities of things such as this.

This unforeseen ghostly anomaly, is actually good enough to make out some details about it. When the photograph was released, many people called it the scariest ghost photo of the year. This of course is debatable, but it is one of the best photographed ghostly spirits ever seen. While the perspective of the shot displays it as being rather small, it could be much larger from the vantage point seen in the background of the photograph.

Two young women capture ghost with them in photo

Initially, the photograph was first published on The Mirror back in October of 2014 from social media. The most strange thing seen, is the ghost in the photo—which appears to be an elderly Victorian-era figure of some sort. Why this ghostly woman was here, is anyone’s best guess. Perhaps she had some unfinished business to attend to, at the Slug and Lettuce bar in Newcastle, England.

The two women featured in the photograph, are Victoria Greeves and Kayley Atkinson. It didn’t take them long to notice that something was off about their selfie photo. This happened on a Sunday evening.

Nearly everyone was gone for the evening, except the two of them and their ghostly lady friend. Both of the women, mention that they were the only ones around when they took the photograph. The bar here usually gathers a good crowd of people into the late night hours.

Two young women capture ghost in photo

Kayley said, that she later contacted her friend Victoria, after further examining the photo. Victoria first uploaded the photo to Snapchat and didn’t think anything else about it at first. Kayley contacted Victoria in a panic, telling her to look at the photo once again. Neither of them, could believe what they were seeing at first.

It was terrifying to them and certainly both of them were troubled over what they noticed. Not thinking clearly, Victoria deleted the photo off of her phone. Lucky enough, it was uploaded to social media first.

Both of the women mentioned—that neither of them will be returning to this bar, as they think they may encounter this ghost woman again. Previously, both of the ladies were regulars at this bar location.

Whoever this ghost lady is, they believe she is a part of the pub and a permanent resident of it. Staff members of the Slug and Lettuce said—that no employees who work here, have ever mentioned anything about ghosts before. However, previously the Newcastle’s city centre, has been known for some paranormal activity nearby this location.

(Source: iHorror)

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