Girl Catches “Fae Moth” That Looks Like A Fairy

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While she was outside, one sister caught a moth. However, when she looked closer, it appeared to have fairy-like features.

Fae moth fairy found

The photograph was first posted on Reddit and the following statement was posted about it: “My sister thought she caught a normal moth, until she saw this little guy stood there staring back at her..”

Some are dismissing this as nonsense, while others are intrigued. Perhaps the moth is merely presented as a forced perspective. Are the humanoid type legs really just moth legs? It’s wings look interesting as well, but some think they are just normal moth type wings. 

One person commenting saying this is nothing but a poodle type moth. Maybe this moth, was trying to climb around the sides of the container it was in. The photograph captures its legs which were above its head.

Another comment said, “The moth is standing on the other side of the glass, what appears to be mothman’s legs are actually the moth’s wings facing down.

The fuzzy looking feather things are it’s actual legs standing on the other side of the glass. But this is a pretty neat perspective shot that inspires a lot of imagination and I dig that.”

“A moth with its wings down so it looks like legs. If you zoom in close enough, you can tell. The poor resolution only helps the “Mothman theory.”

There are many questions about this, including whether or not the moth-like-fairy is still alive? Did they release the creature back into the wild or was it kept?

Nobody has said anything about where this moth or fairy was found yet. Some think this is a yellow tail moth, but they aren’t 100% sure either. 

Regardless, it is an interesting photograph and sparks the imagination. If this really is a fairy captured, it would be a remarkable discovery for sure.

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