Small humanoid creature photographed at Texas Gas Plant

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Since the picture was first released, a small-sized humanoid entity, appears to be standing upright at a Texas Gas Plant. This picture was taken back sometime during November of 2012. The man who took the picture, said he noticed a strange looking miniature humanoid. He first caught a glimpse of it, out of the corner of his eye.

Confused at first, he thought he was just seeing things…until he looked back over again. He quickly reacted and snapped a picture of it. Later, he decided send the photo over to Lon, at the Phantoms and Monsters website.

Mystery gnome humanoid Texas Gas Plant

If this was in fact a runaway child of some sort, then what were they doing at a gas plant in the wee hours of the morning? Kidnappings happen each and every day. It is unknown how exactly this thing was. Looking at the photograph, it doesn’t appear to be entirely human. It’s shape appears distorted especially around the head. Two large hollowed eyes and a mouth seem to show up in the photo as well.

The night worker also said, that they were working during the night shift, when the took the photo. Their estimation of the encounter, was around 3:00 a.m. in the morning. It is unknown whether or not they were off duty, but they mentioned that they work as part of a x-ray crew at the plant. The movement it seems…caught their attention, as they noticed whatever this thing was swaying back and forth.

He went on to describe, that he was inside of a basket of a lift – coming down when he snapped the picture. By the time he unhooked his harness to get out of the basket, the creature was gone.

Later, the police were contacted and wandered the premises. Perhaps one of the most compelling things about all of this, was when one police officer stated there were 26 different UFO sightings all within the same night.

Mystery gnome Texas Gas Plant

With the photograph zoomed in closer, the silhouettes of both the eyes and the elongated looking mouth can be seen. The night worker went on to say they had no doubt what they had seen on that night.

He wasn’t the only one to have seen whatever this thing was, another night worker also took off running towards their truck out of fear. Greg Newkirk from the Week in Weird website said this thing looks like the visage of a giant insect.

To date, this encounter still hasn’t been explained as people continue guessing what this thing might be. Some think its a gnome type creature, others say an alien. It isn’t a ghost, as it seems to cast a shadow.

(Source: Week In Weird)

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