Mermaid claims the lives of two young children in Zimbabwe

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Mermaid claims lives in Zimbabwe

Locals in the area of Gokwe, Zimbabwe have experienced different incidents involving mermaids dating back since 2011. Many believe that crocodiles are really responsible, but other eyewitnesses claim otherwise. Recently, several boys lost their lives—after drowning by the hands of a vengeful mermaid trying to protect its domain.

At first, this mermaid appeared to have saved several young boys. The boys decided to dive into the water thinking they could catch a large fish. As it turns out, this was no fish. This angry mermaid has been sighted digging trenches at one of Gokwe’s most sacred locations previously. Local police have seen gullies in the area, growing larger and deeper than ever before. Back in 2011, the Gokwe Town Council stopped working on a water project—after suspected mermaids were seen at the Gwehava Dam location.

A total of seven different people have been discovered recently—that have drown within the Mudzongwe River in Mukwiri village as well. Chief Njelele mentioned that within three days time, four women from Mudzongwe village died from drowning incidents. Whether or not they were mermaid related, is another story. The Midlands Minister of State Provincial Affairs, mentioned that several children died while their mother was out working in the fields.

“I can confirm that seven people have drowned in Mudzongwe River since Sunday following a heavy downpour that left the river flooding. Four women drowned on Tuesday, while on their way to Gokwe town center. Another man drowned while trying to cross the flooded river after receiving his fertilizer under the inputs support scheme. I am also informed that five people have also been marooned in Bariwa village and we have sent a helicopter to rescue them, Cde Machaya said.”

Zimbabwe flood

The strange thing about all of this, is the condition the bodies were in. There were no teeth markings on the bodies. If it was the work of a crocodile, there would be bite marks on the deceased. These two boys, appear to be more as non-accidental drownings and victims of murderous intent. The circumstances are unclear and the reports are quite peculiar claiming that mermaids are responsible. The two children mentioned, have been snatched by a mermaid near the dam site.

The reports mention that the mythical mermaid creature first took the boys near the dam and tried to save them originally. After they resurfaced upon the rocks at the dam, they were reported as being still alive. It was then, the mermaid grabbed the two minors once again and disappeared under water with them.

Ethel Mukwende said (from the Midlands Provincial police) that further investigations are still in progress to find out what actually happened.

“I can confirm that we are investigating a case of sudden death by drowning which occurred at Village Seven under Chief Nemangwe on 19 February at around 12pm when two minors who were herding cattle drowned and their bodies were later retrieved by fellow villagers,” Ethel said.

Chief Nemangwe

“According to a friend of the deceased boys, his companions jumped into the dam and tried to grab the mermaid because they believed it was just a big fish,” Chief Nemangwe said.

“Two other people that I am aware of were also killed at the same dam in similar circumstances. As a community we have since performed some rituals to calm down the water spirits. During the ceremony we slaughtered a beast and the meat was consumed without salt,” said Chief Nemangwe.

(Source: Zimbabwe Daily)

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