Canadian Teenagers Stumble Into Creepy Wilderness Adventure

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While teenagers from Canada were out camping, they experienced something extraordinary. Like many teenagers, they are both fearless and ready to take on the world. When they were out in the woods with their friend, they decided to sleep inside of an abandoned camper located in the the forest that they came across.

This camper was not so far away from their hometown. However, this camper had been there for quite a while. Small trees were even starting to grow out around it. The teenagers thought it would be both “cool and brave” to sleep there for the night. Deciding to be adventurous, the teens returned to sleep inside the abandoned camper unit the following weekend.

It took them a while to locate the camper, as they became lost trying to find it. Their flashlight battery was dying a slow death, making it much more difficult to see. Eventually, they did manage to find the camper. They opened the rusty door and stepped inside. Scattered around the camper were cups, cans and old novels. The camper even had an echo about it.

Both of them were tired and it was getting late. They hunkered down inside the far corner of the camper. Whatever cushions inside that were left behind, had since become rotten. A hallway area stretched from one side to the other, making it easy enough to see from each end. Unknowingly to them, there were rats living inside this camper. During the night, the rats looked back at them from a chewed out part of the ceiling.

During the night, the teens heard both shrieks and groans coming from outside. They believed it to be a bear at first. Keeping their egos in check, they continued to act like they were having a good time, even though they were on the edge.

Creepy person in the woods

One of the teens woke up after being unable to sleep. They glanced outside at the opposite end of the camper through a window. It was then when they noticed what looked like a man’s silhouette staring back at them. It certainly freaked them out. Upon first glance, they thought it was an unusually shaped tree or bush, giving the appearance of a person.

When they got up and began to wander towards this man, they reacted by moving a bit then staggered in place. The teenagers heart began to beat faster out of fright. They woke up whispering to their friend, letting them know that something or someone was here with them.

Now, both of them were looking back at this person through the window. It was the creepiest thing ever, as this person kept looking back at them. It seemed to last for 10 minutes maybe more. The longer they looked back at them, the scarier it became. At some point, one of the teens decided to shout out “Hey!”. The person didn’t even flinch.

Their friend was braver than they were, so they decided to shine the flashlight back at them. After they did this, they soon realized their horrible mistake. It wasn’t a window at all on the other side of the camper. It was a mirror.

They had been staring down themselves from the very start! Both of them felt and acted like complete idiots. This goes to show, just how powerful the imagination can be sometimes. Still though, to them…it was one of the most fearful and funny moments of their lives. They were never forget this experience. It would have been far more scary and creepy if there really WAS someone there.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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