Snake charmer strangled by his own snake

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Recently, a bizarre moment took place in Uttar Pradesh, India. Onlookers initially thought it was part of the act, until a snake charmer was left lying on the ground for dead. It is still unknown whether or not he died, but he was taken to a nearby hospital. Initially, the man was seen with his snake, letting it slither up his body until it wrapped itself around his neck.

Snake charmer strangled by his own snake

Performance shows such as these, are usually done to entice donations from people wandering by. It seems each time someone does something such as this, they are rolling the dice of death. Quite typically, adrenaline junkies get a rush while they do these types of stunts. Many magicians and other street performers, lose their lives while attempting the impossible. It is easy for them to be seduced by both fame and fortune.

At first, the man is seen appearing to be rather relaxed. He then acts as if he was wearing a turtleneck shirt. However, this was no turtleneck, it was a deadly adult python snake. People underestimate just how powerful these reptiles really are. Surely enough, people keep them as pets and provided with the right provisions, they can live. They aren’t the most friendly species of snake, if there ever was such a thing. Quite often, snakes get a bad wrap sort of speak.

Moments into the video, the man is seen motioning people to come over towards him. Around 30 seconds into the video, the man is seen kneeling on the ground. He appears to have trouble breathing as he leans forward grasping the snakes body. He then attempts to forcefully remove the snake from his neck to no avail.

Snake charmer strangled by own snake

People gathered around him don’t exactly know what to do. They of course of fearful of the snake and are apprehensive to come any closer. It eventually dawns on them…that this man is in real trouble. Both horrified and shocked, they see that this man is in real danger. His lifeless body falls to the ground toppling over upon the sandy ground beneath him.

This snake it seems, has been sizing him up as a meal for a while now. Animals are unpredictable, you never know what the might do next. A man is seen in the video coming over to help him but at this point, it may have been to late however.

Water was sprinkled on the snake, as it is seen slithering away. There were 3 other men who rushed over to the snake charmer. From what is known, the snake charmer was taken to a nearby hospital on March 20th. In the country of India, snake charmers are fairly common yet have been known to turn on their masters.

One woman slept with her pet snake, which can be read about here.

(Source: Fox News)

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