Matrix Glitch Shows Crow Stuck In The Sky Motionless

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It was a most unusual sight when a mother named Kayleen Bowman, shared on her Facebook an extraordinary clip showing a crow “stuck” in the sky motionless. Some now wonder or have before whether or not we are living a matrix of sorts. 

The crow bird seems to not move whatsoever, as it doesn’t even flap its wings. The video was taken by Bowman, when she was heading to school to pick up her children. It is assumed this was not a typical sighting and quite out of the ordinary.

Matrix glitch crow New Mexico Kayleen Bowman

The location of where this took place was in Gallump, New Mexico. The suspended black crow bird, looks like it was pasted there. Of course there is the possibility that this 17 second clip, was altered in some way. Kayleen mentioned on her Saturday post, that upon the other morning, Jay was taking Lilly to their school. 

Young Lilly said, “Look that bird is frozen!” Then Jay stopped their car to see what was happening. It was quite a sight to behold. 

The bird appears as if it was captured in between the flapping of its wings. It was mid-air and not moving. When things like this happen, people begin to speculate about it wondering what exactly happened. 

Jay also commented by saying, “You can see the beak moving. This still boggles my mind. What do you think?”

Jay along with her friends were all amazed at this strange recording, saying it was another glitch in the Matrix. There is the possibility that we all live within a virtual world and may not technically even exist. 

Everything around us could be a simulation of sorts, but like anything else it is speculation at this point in time. Others think there is an afterlife and life beyond death.

There could be heaven and hell. Some have claimed to experience this in their near death moments, sharing what they had seen. It is a lot to think about as we can only try and keep an open mind about it.

(Source: Anomalien)

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