Slender Man soars from sacrifice and tribute

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Slender Man has been a part of online speculation ever since June 10th of 2009, when a user named Eric Knudsen mentioned about them on the “Something Awful forums”.

Originating as a creepypasta fictional character, this unusual looking tall faceless man, with elongated arms…has become a part of pop paranormal culture. Quite typically, the Slender Man is depicted as being a very tall and thin man, dress in a black suit. It’s head seems quite featureless.

Payton Leutner then and now

Payton Leutner then and now

Many wild theories about the Slender Man, have led to some rather strange happenings. Unfortunately, one girl named Payton Leutner, nearly lost her life over Slender Man. Her then “friends”, sacrificed her to a Slender Man deity of sorts. These delusional girls named Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, lured Payton into the woods and repeatedly stabbed her 19 different times.

Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser

Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser

She later managed to crawl to a road, where she was later found by someone. She would spend six days recovering in the hospital. In court, both Weier and Geyser were found not guilty by reason of insanity. The girls were later committed to long periods of mental health therapy, in various different institutions.

Through the eyes of these two crazy girls, they were hoping to impress the Slender Man by sacrificing their friend. This bizarre event happened back on May 31, 2014, in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Since this event and other rumors and stories online, a movie is soon going to be released titled “Slender Man”. It will be released by Screen Gems on August 24th of 2018. There are some who feel that the Slender Man movie is in poor taste and are planning to boycott it.

A rather bizarre video has been released showing what appears to be a Slender Man entity captured on video. It appears to be staged. However, it is one interpretation of how something such as this could manifest itself into our world, perhaps by a demonic possession of sorts.

Slender Man video entry 46

An older video titled “Entry #46” was taken back in 2011, at some point…it appears to show an alleged Slender Man standing in the doorway during one moment. Clearly this is someone garnering for attention. However, it gives one an idea of what this thing might look like, if ever it were to come to life sort of speak.

The Entry #46 video was posted on August 2nd, 2011. In total, this clip is 3:46 long. At first, the video seems to show two fools fumbling around in the dark, before the Slender Man appears. Their names are Alex and Jay. Here is the following transcript of the video by Geekgirlinthefedora:

[0:00] Black screen; at 0:02, white text appears: “Entry #46”

[0:09] Video starts with a flashlight being shone on some trees and then on the outside of Alex’s apartment building.

[0:30] Alex walks out of his apartment and heads down the stairs. As he walks around the corner, Jay runs towards the apartment and sneak inside.

[1:20] Jay walks down the hall of Alex’s apartment, carrying a flashlight. He opens a door which leads into a closet with an air conditioning unit and then turns to head into Alex’s bedroom. He puts his flashlight down on a desk chair and picks up a paper covered in Operator symbols and the word “help” over and over. He briefly scans over some other papers covered in similar writing before walking over to the desk.

[1:43] Jay finds a tape laying on the desk next to the computer. Just as he grabs it, the front door is heard opening. Jay turns towards the sound and runs into the hallway, hiding in a closet. Alex is visible walking by through the slats in the closet door. Jay’s cell phone begins to vibrate audibly as Alex walks past the closet.

[2:10] Alex: Jay. Whenever you decide to look at your phone, call me back.

[2:18] Jay sneaks out of the closet and into the living room. Audio distortion starts as the Operator is visible through the front window.

[2:23] Jay: (whispers) No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

[2:24] Alex comes out of his bedroom, holding Jay’s lit flashlight in his hand.

[2:26] Alex: Hey, Jay, you forgot your flashlight. What are you doing here? What is this?

[2:29] Alex snatches the tape out of Jay’s hand and Jay reaches for the flashlight to turn it off.

[2:30] Jay: Shut up. Just shut up! Turn off the flashlight! (whispers) Look out your window.

[2:35] Alex peeks around the corner and jerks back into the hallway.

[2:37] Alex: Oh my god, you led it right here.

[2:38] Jay: I didn’t do anything!

[2:39] Alex: You broke into my house! I was taking out the trash. What could you have possibly hoped to find in that amount of time?

[2:45] Jay: I don’t know.

[2:46] Alex: I told you specifically not to follow me home. What now?

[2:50] Jay: I don’t know. (sighs) Give me the flashlight.

[2:56] Jay turns around the corner and turns the flashlight back on. The front window is empty.

[2:57] Jay: It’s not out there anymore.

[2:58] Jay turns back around to face Alex. Loud audio distortion starts as the Operator is shown standing in the doorway of Alex’s bedroom. Alex just watches as Jay turns and runs into the living room.

[3:03] Alex: What are you doing?

[3:04] Just before running out the front door, Jay grabs a key off of a nail next to the door. He runs down the stairs and the screen goes to black.

[3:18] White text on screen: “Alex had plenty of time to follow me, but didn’t. I don’t know why he wouldn’t run, after seeing what was behind him.”

[3:28] Two video clips are shown on screen, one from Entry #27 where Jay pulls the key out of his bag and one from this entry where Jay grabs the key from the wall. White text below the clips: “Also, the key I took as I ran out looks exactly like the one I found in my bag back at the hotel.”

[3:38] White text on screen: “I still don’t know what it goes to, though.”

[3:43] Screen goes black.

Whatever Slender Man is supposed to be, it is something that comes from a dark place. This fiend prays upon children and the weak.

(Source: Wikidot and Wikipedia)

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