Australian man records UFO onboard airplane

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Some of the best ever video footage of an unidentified flying object, was captured while a passenger was on board an airplane recently on Wednesday. Kerry Forides from Athens, Greece was on a commercial airplane flight. He is a resident in Greece, but is from Australia.

To his surprise, he noticed something quite unusual…whatever it was, it was seen moving around the outside of the airplane. It’s movements were quite bizarre to say the least. The dark colored elongated mass, seems to rotate, twist and turn as it soars through the air. No known aircraft that human technology has, can move quite like this.

Australian man records UFO onboard airplane

The incredible footage, was taken while flying over the Agean sea. Kerry works as a permaculturalist and he was perplexed at what he was recording. A woman is heard startled, this is his wife, who further commenting about this encounter. She claimed to have seen this UFO, about 30 minutes earlier before Kerry started recording it with his camera.

“It was around 4:30 p.m.,” said Forides, who owns a YouTube channel he refers to as Kerry Cameraworks. “It was flying at right angles from our plane.”

The entire length of the video, lasts for 2 minutes and 46 seconds. The footage captured, was taken with a XDCAM-EX1 video camera. The object seen seems to make miraculous twists and turns even at 180 degrees. The shape and size of this UFO, appears to be quite slim and elongated. This UFO, seems to be following the plane perhaps under some sort of observation.

Australian man records UFO while onboard airplane

Skeptically, people are saying this is nothing but a chemtrail. But this is mere speculation and nothing more. One viewer commented, mentioning this is a military Greek F4 Phantom II “with the old engine type”. It is unknown if this is true either.

Other speculations include, this being a missile since there is an ongoing war in nearby Syria. The way it moves is peculiar, but some believe a missile moves like this by comparison. Perhaps this is a part of some kind of secretive military operation. However, with drones now being prevalent in the world, they are now being used to discredit many UFO sightings.

Forides didn’t elaborate on the size of the UFO, but as seen in the video, it appears to be rather large. It is unknown if anyone else has any video about this yet. Whatever this is, it has people wondering and worried that something else is happening in our world.

(Source: Cryptozoology News)

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