Odd Beggar Brings Bad Omens To One Family

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Some things simply don’t make sense, only a supernatural type explanation may serve as the best answer to what had happened. One man reported about an unusual fellow, who appears typically as an old white man with a rather scrubby beard.

He apparently has been out on the streets for several years, in one undisclosed community. Their estimation was, this man lingered around on the streets between 2016 up until 2018.

When this homeless man decided to approach him and his family, they were hesitant to respond. Quite incredibly, the man seemed to find his family everywhere they seemed to go. All of it was really weird. This homeless man, seemed to find them all over their state and within different cities. 

The homeless man, may have been a harbinger of doom sort of speak. This anonymous man further explained that even though his family lived in the same state, they were hundreds of miles apart from one another.

Typically the homeless man would beg for money, food or the use of a cell phone. In total, the family encountered him five different times over the course of several years. The locations where they spotted the man were at gas stations, grocery stores and outside of restaurants. 

The anonymous man explained the reason he called this homeless man a bad omen is what happened after crossing paths with them. Within a few weeks, something bad would happen to his family or someone else they knew like good friends. 

One example of this was when his brother got into a bad motorcycle accident. Another time a tree fell onto their home which crashed into their bedroom. Personally, this anonymous man said he got involved in a really bad car wreck. All of this happened within several weeks of encountering the odd beggar man.

When the fourth time came around, the family began to put the pieces together. This odd beggar seemed to have a foothold on their family, for whatever different reason. Speculations are, this beggar was something more demonic by nature like a dark force of some kind.

The very next time the family came across the strange beggar, they immediately turned around and drove away. They were not taking any chances it seems.

This encounter took place about six months from the second encounter. The family hoped that since they didn’t actually interact with this homeless man, nothing would happen. 

They were wrong, the chaos it seemed continued. Both of this persons children would end up contracting the flu. Perhaps their luck is now changing because they haven’t seen him for a while now. They pray each day that they never come across him ever again.

This anonymous person also said, they think he might be an anti-christ or the incarnation of the devil. Hopefully they will never see this thing again. They also stated they posted originally to vent and get things off their chest.

Even to date, this thing continues to haunt their very dreams. They will try to overcome whatever this thing is. It is something nobody should ever have to contend with. The story was posted and shared by u/hohonator11 on Reddit initially.

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