Meet little octogoat

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As strange as it seems, a mutation has happened in the animal kingdom. It is being referred to as a “octogoat”. This rather unusual goat was born on a farm in Kutjevo, Croatia. It is one of the most amazing stories to come from this country in quite some time. This wee small goat baby has both male and female reproductive organs, this led local veterinarians to believe the goats condition was a result of an under-developed twin.

Baby octogoat
The man who found this freakish goat was farmer Zoran Paparic, he said:
“I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things. Then I called my neighbor to make sure that I am not crazy.”

The area where this birth happened was in Slavonia, Croatia. The population of this small place totals around 6,247 people with about half of them living in town. Most of the population consider themselves Croats.

Unfortunately, it is rather unlikely that this goat will survive (according to the veterinarians). Zoran the farmer said he would keep the goat as a pet if it does survive. It hasn’t been seen yet whether or not the small goat can walk, it will be a proud day for this farmer if it actually does.

Eight legged goat

More than likely the mother will reject this baby, or its deformities will prevent it from standing, walking, feeding, escaping from predators and so forth. It may seem cruel to put an animal down, but on the other hand, if it isn’t feeding it will die a slow painful death from starvation and one could then argue what the right thing to do about it. Some might believe this a miracle goat while others a damnation. It is certainly quite strange and out of the ordinary.

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