Study Shows 55% Of Nurses Have Experienced Paranormal Activity

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There are a number of healthcare professionals, who do a lot of good for people. Many of these are people who have chosen nursing as their profession. During one study released by the Journal of Scientific Exploration, 55% of the nurses questioned have admitted to witnessing unexplained events. This journal is devoted to peer-reviewed scientific studies, regarding paranormal and anomalous phenomena.

Being close to patients ready to die, gives nurses access to moments that many people would typically not be able to witness. Most hospitals have terminally ill patients under specialized medical care.

The nurses there, often have become first-hand witnesses to numerous unexplained paranormal type activities. This gives nurses a rather unique perspective on life and death. During these moments, some nurses have admitted to witnessing apparitions, angels and more that simply can’t be explained by logic. Most of the time, people are far too eager to dismiss such things. There is much in our world that we don’t have answers for yet.

If there is a veil that exists between the living and the dead, then we are separated by it – until we ourselves pass on to the other side. Several authors have written about paranormal type activities including Alejandro Parra and Paola Giménez Amarilla.

During their writings, 55% of the Argentinian nurses that were questioned, reported one instance of paranormal type activity. The experiences happened during their staffing duties, while they were on their job. The results were rather interesting, out of 100 nurses questioned, 55 of them reported having at least one paranormal type experience while they were at the hospital.

Argentinian nurse hospital

The most common occurrence happening, were these nurses hearing strange noises that sounded like voices or the groans from their patients. It seemed as if these patients could see things in the room around them and they reacted to whatever it was. Speculation is, these manifestations could be some kind of ghost, an angel or possibly something more demonic by nature.

Nurses also have intuitively known what might be wrong with their patients. Some of this is instinctive and/or by experience but some of them feel, it may have been something else guiding them altogether. Around 20% of the nurses, reportedly said their patients were having near-death experiences and 18% of them were healed by “religious intervention.”

It seems that most of these nurses accepted strange phenomena, after having witnessed things that couldn’t be explained otherwise. Reportedly, they were not frightened or surprised by them either. The study was conducted from 8 different hospitals located throughout the country of Argentina. Most commonly, people have reported seeing loved ones before they pass from the world and into the afterlife.

(Source: Anybody There)

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