Eerie Shadowy Figure Photographed By Grandchild’s Toy

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An eerie photograph was posted on a forum, showing what appears to be some kind of shadow type person. Allegedly, someone’s granddaughter captured this shadowy figure at night. It is estimated to have happened sometime during March of 2013. The location where this took place isn’t known. Later, the photograph was posted by a user named ‘BadKittehs’.

She explained that her granddaughter has a toy camera, that takes both videos and still photos. Most of the time the little girl would take photos of the ground, her feet and other toys etc. This apparently happened often, as she would play and sing, doing things that any other 3 year old might do. This toy camera, has turned up in different places…as she often will set it down somewhere and simply forget about it.

Tinka's ghost at night

If this was some kind of supernatural type presence in the room with her, then the child may be in danger. However, not all entities are bad which makes this difficult to fathom. The biggest question is…what was it doing in the room with her? Often children and animals are thought to attract supernatural elements around them. This is due to their soul being pure, not yet tainted by the ways of the world.

The photograph made its way onto the internet, after being discovered by the girls mother. The grandmother went on to explain that her daughter plugged it into her computer and downloaded what was on it. This was done to free up space for the child’s camera so she could begin taking photos again.

While browsing through the handiwork of her daughters photography, the mother came across this distinctive photo. It stands out for obvious reasons, among being quite creepy.

Possibly, this is someone standing in the room with her. Who it was or what it was still remains unanswered. The grandmother did say, that the figure seen is not the shadow of her parents or anyone else that they know. Also, smoking isn’t allowed in their home, let alone in the children’s bedroom. How this photo got there is perplexing. The father said it’s a shadow but shadows do not block out what is behind them.

The grandmother went on to explain that their apartment doors sometimes open and close for no reason. Also, a voice has been heard. This leads one to believe that this is something supernatural by nature. Ever since the family discovered the photo, they have been freaked out about it.

(Source: City Data)

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