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Why Do Some People Become Ghosts Upon Death?

It remains to be an interesting topic. Yet people can speculate about this all that they want. Nobody really knows until they are gone, but it is assumed there are reasons which keep people lingering behind in the world. Why this happens to some people is quite a thought and a compelling mystery.  Many different

A Man Died For 10 Minutes And Said There Is No Afterlife

Imagine returning from the afterlife and seeing nothing. This is what an anonymous 21 year old man said after dying. He was pronounced clinically dead for 10 minutes. What he lacked to see, is what has many people pondering and worrying about. Death and the afterlife, remains a real mystery to us all. This very

Before Entering The World, We Signed A Soul Contract

After reaching some kind of agreement, we each have been given a soul contract. This essentially is a sense of purpose for being here. Each one of us, specifically were chosen to be here for a reason. Before manifesting into our human form, we were given a list of life lessons to overcome while in

Are Mirrors Portals For Ghosts?

Are mirrors a portal for ghosts to enter through? It might seem so, many believe that mirrors are a vessel of sorts to bring forth spirits into our conscious world surroundings. Throughout time, there have been numerous stories related to ghosts and spirits alike. Most of these are considered haunted tales and many believe that