Before Entering The World, We Signed A Soul Contract

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After reaching some kind of agreement, we each have been given a soul contract. This essentially is a sense of purpose for being here. Each one of us, specifically were chosen to be here for a reason. Before manifesting into our human form, we were given a list of life lessons to overcome while in this world.

After this, we will advance to a higher level of consciousness upon completing these lessons. Many if not most of our entire lives are made up of lessons – that we unknowingly learned something from. It isn’t until we pass into the afterlife, when we realize everything that we did had a divine purpose after all.

There are mediums upon others who are more spiritually attuned, they have studied soul contracts. While doing their intuitive readings, they reached the following different conclusions:

  • The place, date and time where we were born is no accident.
  • The family we were bound and chosen to be with, was no mere chance there is a reason for this.
  • There are certain individuals who come and go in your life, they were meant to help you overcome something you were struggling with. Even those who you didn’t like, unknowingly helped you along the way. These people are possibly from a past life as well.
  • The events that did happen in your life were selected to help you both overcome and evolve into a higher state of consciousness.
  • The moment you die is selected as well. We all have free will but when we die. However, it is a specific moment when we realize it is time to move back into a spiritual form.

Things that are not predetermined within our lives are both free will and choice. Humans make many mistakes and try to overcome them by some way or another. As a human being, we must choose how we spend our time in this world. Many believe there is a divine fate and plan.

Life gives us many choices and we take action on what it is we desire the most. How will things happen for us? Hopefully we steer ourselves on the right road and avoid driving down the wrong one.

Just when you think you have everything figured out in your life, likely something happened that changed everything. There is an old saying, everything in life happened for a reason. We simply cannot understand why it does.

Signing soul contract

It is unknown if we can break our soul contract. However, there are a number of moments in life that don’t always flow with one’s destiny. Sometimes people can experience negative moments in their life, often this leads to confusion and even physical problems. Perhaps all of this happens to put someone back on the path they should be on again. They will naturally realign themselves back where they should be.

What we do here in this world for one another matters the most. We cannot take any of life’s riches with us except for our new found wisdom. Sometimes it seems people return again to get things right…they had to learn further lessons before they to ascend into the afterlife.

(Source: Forever Conscious)

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