Chinese Drivers Use Ghoulish Decals, To Ward Away Tailgating And High Beam Blindness

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Decals with scary ghost faces are being used, to deter drivers tailgating behind them with their high beam lights on. Apparently, it is a big problem is some areas. Some people in China…are flocking to buy these reflective scary ghost face decals. These decal type stickers, are priced between $3 and $18 dollars.

Only when someone approaches another vehicle with their front headlights on high beam mode – will be able see these spooky and freaky strategically placed stickers. The idea is a simple one and has been effective in some cases. Likely there have been a few accidents also, from people using these on the road.

Ghoulish Car Decals China

In some locations, police have warned drivers against using these scary stickers, as they could pose to create problems for some drivers. Within Shandong, they are issuing a 100 Yuan fine. This is about $15 dollars. The ghoulish type decals come in a variety of styles and themes.

In Beijing, police officials have stated that it is not illegal to use these decals but the driver likely will be responsible for any incidents that may occur from using them. Another driver could freak out over seeing these and initiate a traffic accident.

Many of these decals that have been produced, are based upon the film The Grudge (2004) and its sequel The Grudge 2 (2006). These films follow a malevolent supernatural force, that claims the lives of numerous hapless victims. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, starred in these as Karen. Many might know Sarah from her work on television as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Driving nowadays can be hectic and people often get frustrated while on the road. With the use of mobile phones, things have only become worse. While these sticker decals are a good idea in some way, they would only contribute to the already chaotic experience many drivers deal with each day.

The craze of all of this started at least several years ago, perhaps people have been using these decals earlier than this. This is something that will probably still continue regardless of any restrictions.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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