Little Girl Dances With Mike Myers Halloween Display

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The 1978 Halloween movie directed by John Carpenter, is known for its originality in the horror genre. Seen in this disturbing video, shows a little girl dancing with a famous serial killer character. She seemingly seems mesmerized, as she watches the animatronic display doll of Michael Myers swing its arm holding a knife. Then, the little girl begins to dance with the life sized doll.

Little Girl Dances With Mike Myers Halloween display

Children sometimes do strange and unusual things, as they have no concept of things like adults do. No doubt, this is good press for the upcoming release of Halloween, due to be released on October 19, 2018.

The latest installment of the story, picks up some 40 years later, when survivor Laurie Strode returns portrayed by actress Jamie Lee Curtis. This was a defining role for her and helped launch her career in Hollywood.

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween 2018

This time, she is out to vanquish Myers for good. His evil spirit is a menacing one, that seems to return and defy all odds. After being locked away inside of an institution, Myers manages to escape when his bus transfer goes horribly wrong. Laurie along with others face a terrifying showing against the masked killer when he returns. The story of Halloween, takes place within the town of Haddonfield, Illinois.

The Michael Myers character has since become an iconic part of Halloween, costumes of this character have been made and worn to celebrate the holiday. Each year, trick-or-treaters roam the streets, in search of candies to satisfy their sugary cravings.

The little girl seen is so transfixed upon this life sized doll display in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her mother Jaymi Simmons, captured her daughter dancing with the Myers display. She explained that both of them were on their way to Chuck E. Cheese, a children’s themed restaurant franchise.

This same restaurant has animatronic stage shows that run while the children eat pizza, drink soda and play games. Their visit to this retail store took longer as her daughter seemed to fall under the spell of this display. The young girl almost seemed to be moving around as if she were a part of a tribal ritual of some sort.

Some people were put off by the video, while others thought it was cute. Bizarre rumors swirl saying that the little girl wakes up now in the middle of the night to dance with Mike Myers. The video is most unusual and has received some attention online. It is kind of creepy.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

Source: Little Girl Dances To Halloween Theme In A Spirit Store by ViralHog

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