Why Do Some People Become Ghosts Upon Death?

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It remains to be an interesting topic. Yet people can speculate about this all that they want. Nobody really knows until they are gone, but it is assumed there are reasons which keep people lingering behind in the world. Why this happens to some people is quite a thought and a compelling mystery. 

Many different cultures around the world believe in ghosts among other things. However, each culture seems to think about paranormal subjects the same way or at least close. Countries such as Indonesia and India have high beliefs in anything and anything paranormal related as an example. 

Some cultures think that a deceased person turns into a ghost, when he or she has never followed any spiritual practices while they were still alive. This is why religious practices are often pushed upon people, to give them a sense of direction or belief in something in the afterlife.

In the United States, a poll was conducted by HuffPost/YouGov in 2012. There were 1,000 people interviewed. Out of all these people, 45% of them said they believe in ghosts and how people can return as one. 

During this same interview, these people were asked whether or not ghostly spirits could actually hurt the living. About 43% of them said that it was possible. One other survey conducted by Realtor.com said that 30% of people are open to living in a haunted house. There were 42% who said they would never even consider it as an option.

Certain areas are far more haunted than others. How someone died may affect things as well. They were not yet ready to let go of this world before moving on into the afterlife.

Ghostly presence left behind

When we think of ghosts we think of them as a menacing presence. Perhaps this is due to all the interpretations of them on screen and in books. Some of these lost spirits, are simply trying to reach out from beyond the grave to establish some sort of connection with the living. 

When thinking about ghosts, they pertain to extrasensory type perceptions. This would likely include other things paranormal related like UFOs and aliens among other cryptozoological creatures and other entities. Ghosts are more believable to most people, than other things in general. 

Perhaps even, the number is even higher, taking into consideration the amount of people who were not polled or either secretly didn’t want to admit that they believe. In reality, many people have experienced unexplainable things that go bump in the night.

To answer the question as to why some people become ghosts upon death, is they have unfulfilled desires left in this world. They may have been a really greedy person or something happened to them while they were alive, that they can’t overcome (even in death).

These ghosts may have attachments like family or friends. Or, their thoughts are focused on very negative energy which draws them back to this plane of existence. Maybe even their own ego, has interrupted their ascendance to heaven or elsewhere.

It is best to keep an open mind about everything and ask many questions, this is how mankind has learned throughout the ages. Ghosts still remain an interesting subject and fascination for many. Perhaps in the future, more answers will be revealed about ghosts.

(Source: USA Today)

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