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Bigfoot Gets Photographed Lurking By Window

It seems that while you might be sleeping, there could be someone or something in this case watching you. One man from Colorado, allegedly snapped a photograph which shows Bigfoot looking inside his room. He was both fascinated and nervous to see something such as this peering back at him, like anyone would be. This

Ohio Hikers Record ‘Bigfoot Footage’ At Salt Fork State Park

What resembles the fabled and ever elusive Bigfoot, was recorded by a pair of hikers inside Salt Fork State Park located in Ohio. The landscape here, provides a rather diverse terrain to transverse through. The hikers said they used GoPro cameras as they captured the alleged beast outdoors.  These same two hikers (one of them

Bigfoot Spotted At Sherman Pass In Washington State

While there have been numerous sightings regarding Bigfoot, this video capture shows what resembles an upright humanoid of some kind, standing by a tree at Sherman Pass. This location is fairly remote yet some folks pass through here maybe even Bigfoot. The Washington State Department of Transportation ended up sharing this and some think this

Traffic Camera Captures Bigfoot On Oregon Highway

It happened in Oregon, when a motorist noticed what resembled a bipedal humanoid wandering along the highway. Whatever it was, it was dark colored and furry looking. Was it some nut job in a gorilla suit? Possibly, but many think otherwise. This figure does seem to resemble what most people believe to be as a

Unknown Creature Chases Car In Russia, Some Think It’s Bigfoot

Whatever it may well be, video footage was taken in Russia showing a large bipedal beast. The video dates back to the summer of 2016, according to various sources. However, this is one uniquely built creature. Unfortunately, the video quality is rather poor, making it much more difficult to authenticate. This isn’t the first time