Gamer’s live stream gets interrupted by paranormal activity

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A YouTuber and gamer known as “Rubzy” experienced something out of the ordinary. One evening back in November of 2016 (while he was streaming on his channel) strange events started to take place. The location this took place in, was at his friend’s apartment. He was pet sitting for him, while streaming on his YouTube channel simply known as Rubzy. During this time, he playing the PlayStation game Skyrim on his PS4

Skyrim Rubzy play

Things were going well, when all of a sudden during the live stream…unexplained happenings started to take place. At first, the door is seen on his video stream slowly opening and closing before being slammed shut. The strangeness starts to pick up when the right door slamming shut by itself. There was nobody else but Rubzy there at the apartment (aside from the pet cat named Elvis).

It seems rather odd, as not long after this, he begins to investigate the area for himself. His viewers then watch with anticipation and fright as more things begin to happen seen in the video. The next moment behind Rubzy the light begins to cut on by itself rather mysteriously. Rubzy continues to wander around through the room, checking to see if someone else is there with him.

Rubzy at computer

A loud slam occurs when the right door again slams shut. Rubzy is seen startled as this happens looking over at the door. After a bit, he returns to his computer and the live stream where people are typing their comments. The next video stream capture, shows a box on the table behind him suddenly move falling onto the floor.

As one can imagine profanity followed from such an unusual moment happening to someone. By this point, Rubzy is completely freaked out and is wondering what is going on. It is one of those scratch your head moments while watching all of this. All of this was not done for more YouTube subscribers, Rubzy declares this is legit.

Rubzy freaked out

Rubzy compiled a video, editing all of the paranormal moments together which can be seen. These haunting moments demonstrate that he was not alone and that something else was there with him. Perhaps this was either a demonic or spiritual force of some kind, that was upset that he was treading on its territory.

Spirits and demons can be possessive of people and places, especially if the location has a history of paranormal activity. When moments happen such as these, it is best to simply not dismiss them as nonsense. There have been many unexplained moments captured on video. Perhaps this time around something special did take place and was actually captured on video.

(Source: Rubzy)

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