UFO Seekers get close to Area 51

With ominous music playing in their video, a video was posted on YouTube showing just how close people can get to the mysterious Area 51 government site. As one can imagine, there were a number of patrolling security officials who “happened by” when the team got near. Their channel is known as UFO Seekers and they also have a website as well. Both Tim and Tracey seek out the truth for paranormal activity happening in the nighttime skies.

Image: Tim and Tracey  UFO Seekers from YouTube

Image: Tim and Tracey UFO Seekers from YouTube

Their interest doesn’t stop with UFOs, as they also seek out alien activity and various other secretive projects—which are being covered up to the public eye. It takes some guts, to go out camping in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what you might encounter next. Often peoples curiosity, can sometimes get the better of them, in certain situations.

Image: Tim UFO Seekers from YouTube

Image: Tim UFO Seekers from YouTube

Area 51, remains a questionable place and many wonder what is really going on underground there. The location is approximately 83 miles Northwest from Las Vegas. There have been 739 nuclear tests done here and perhaps even more over time. The desert terrain itself is quite brutal to track across here.

The security at Area 51 is so high, it only further keeps people guessing what they are hiding. Armed camouflage military and police forces, comb the desert frequently. (also known as Cammo Dudes) Motion sensors, aircraft surveillance and more, are all setup to ward off trespassers.

Image: Tim and Tracey UFO Seekers from YouTube

Image: Tim and Tracey UFO Seekers from YouTube

Those who somehow happen to cross the boundary, will be warned and possibly shot. There are a number of signs displayed within the radius of Area 51. However, the problem with them is, they are made of plastic and often have fallen over. This makes determining where the boundaries are difficult in some spots. The signs are 3 foot-orange posts, that have been put up about every 150 feet or so. A tour bus tour accidentally crossed before and more happened to them, which can be read here.

So what is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you while crossing here? While technically, you can be killed on site, you will be forced to surrender and liable to a fine, not to exceed $5,000 dollars. Possible imprisonment is optional, as referenced by the Internal Security Act 50, USC Sec. 797. More recently, reports of up to a $750 dollar fine—would be administered by Lincoln County, Nevada for crossing this restricted space.

Observers have reported seeing thousands of personnel, flown into Area 51 from observations made from the top of Tikaboo Peak—the highest mountain point, within range of Area 51. The top of this mountain is 26 miles away from the base. While some things are mere speculation, it has been suggested, that long-range cameras can track all vehicles from highway 375 as well. From what is known, all of the surveillance and communication is channeled through the security facility on Bald Mountain to protect Area 51.

Previously in the past, Area 51 could be seen from locations such as Freedom Ridge and White sides–however, these locations were later annexed by the US Government back in 1999. Other oddities include employees arriving to Area 51, from a mysterious white colored bus. This same bus, makes stops at Ash Spring Crystal Springs, and Alamo—where it parks at the courthouse every night.

Area 51 Nevada

People desperately want more answers about Area 51 and other secret locations. Speculations about Area 51 include Extraterrestrial bodies, Super-secret military aircraft, Crashed spacecraft, Weather-controlling devices, Cutting-edge laser weapons, Time machines and much more. The real truth, is out there indeed, maybe one day we will learn more.

(Source: Visit Area 51)

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