Brazilian Boys Chase After Small Goblin Creature

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Whether or not this is a goblin type creature is unknown. Speculation is, this is some sort of small demon or alien creature. Since it was released online several years ago, it has remained a mystery to the masses.

Perhaps this is some kind of duende, an elf or goblin-like creature in Spanish and Latin American folklore. The entire video takes place at night and the camera quality is quite terrible. However, there is enough to be seen, showing a small humanoid sized creature, running across the street. It seemed quite scared, as the boys begin to yell and chase after it.

Child or Goblin running in Brazil

Most certainly, these boys and what sounds like a dog…scared whatever this thing was away. They yell and talk loudly – during the entire video sequence. Those of faith, feel that things such as these wander our world to lure us away from God. Perhaps even, they have a mission to divide and confuse people with their beliefs.

Some think this is nothing but a small child, wearing a black robe of some kind. This certainly is a possibility and more than likely. It is difficult to make out details, due to the low camera quality. There are many things in our world which we don’t understand. Most often, we will either attack it or chase after it out of curiosity. It is human instinct, to question everything that we come across. It is how we learn and progress in the world.

Greedy Goblin Grumbles Streets of Brazil

One person commented saying, “It’s a Jawa from Tatooine.” (A Star Wars reference). After looking at this things legs, they appear to be quite an oddity. The feet look strangely shaped even for a small child as seen in the video. This likely could be a little person trying to make their way back home. Why they were wearing a hooded cloak is different indeed. There had to be a reason for this if this was the case.

Comments were made saying that this small creature changes colors as it is running. Maybe this is from the poor lighting at night. Also, this thing seemingly projects beams of light onto the ground as it continues to run away. Most people aren’t seeing this either. If it is projecting something such as a light beam, there is a reason for it.

Maybe this is something never seen before randomly caught on camera or a bunch of kids seeking attention. Either way, it has become a popular video online since its release.

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