Slinky slender men caught on video

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It is known as slender man, a shadowy figure which draped itself alongside of a building seen in Russia and the United States among other places. There is a video showing this mysterious creature climbing much like a spider down the side of this building. It is unforeseen how something such as this can even exist.

After speculation and study being demonstrated at UFO conferences, it seems this is still unexplained. Certainly it could be a CGI (Computer Generated Image) video, but it appears to be a real capture documented which is compelling. However, this isn’t the only video to capture this type of alien creature, there have been several others.


There has been a number of missing person’s cases throughout the years, could these slender men type aliens be responsible for kidnapping people (specifically children) There are other images which have been documented as well. While the slender man was suppose to be originally created by Eric Knudsen back in 2009, things similar have been captured on camera and there have been eye witnesses proclaiming they are real. Often they are portrayed wearing a black suit with a featureless face.

Take for example this video the slender man seems to be on the left hand side of the screen. This very tall and stick-like figure seems to start walking towards the left-hand side of the screen as the camera view moves. Clearly you can see this tall shadow figure move its legs and arms slightly left near the fence line. It appears as if this unsuspecting man has captured different orbs floating in the sky, which seem to change color as well.

While this is quite amazing, the slender man figure alien is indeed documented by accident. A connection is here between these videos, they seem to show the same type of alien creature caught on camera. While things are certainly faked, these seem authentic enough to speculate even further upon.

The Slender Men are quite mesmerizing by their reported appearances; they are tall faceless alien beings sometimes wearing a suit and tie trying to blend into our society. They have remarkable limbs which can stretch far appearing tendril like. As their arms are menacing they would grab a hold of their victim and even induce insanity, insomnia and loss of memory, thereby erasing any trace of what a person may have seen afterwards.

This being is believed to be extraterrestrial and/or extra dimensional. No one knows the exact origins of the Slender Men or where they come from. From further descriptions, they have been seen with light grey skin. There are some twisted things which have happened regarding the slender men.

Perhaps the most notorious is the two twelve year old girls back in 2014 who were charged with attempted murder after luring their classmate into the woods and stabbed her 19 times. With such a brutal attack this got the attention of the media and now HBO network is going to air a documentary version about it.

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