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Momo Challenge Claims More Lives

The game originated from Facebook and has since become a problem online. Young people are playing this game, which challenges them to do different things. Eventually for some, they end up taking their own life. This bizarre challenge, is now linked to a number of children dying from this disturbing craze. Both in South America

Creepy website streams over 73,000 hacked private camera feeds

Being safe and secure is something everyone wants in life. Knowing that their family and friends are all okay. However, what if you were being spied upon? This is now happening and the world can watch you online without you even knowing initially. It seems a new website popped up displaying various locations around

Ghost caught on video at soccer game

It is amazing to see this video footage. This happened during a game in Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia. It appears to be a ghostly spirit passing through a crowd of spectators. This shadowy figure of sorts appears to be moving fairly fast through the crowd. This video has since gone viral around

UFO flies over Cartagena, Colombia

Perhaps one of the most impressive sightings of a UFO has been discovered recently—when a rather large spacecraft of some sort hovered over top of Cartagena, Colombia on June 30th, 2016. UFO hunters praise this as nothing but amazement. However, skeptics dismiss it as nothing more than a natural fluke being an atmospheric phenomenon known