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Goblin Caught On Camera

Goblin Gets Caught On Camera Footage

Many things about this world remain a real mystery. There have been cave paintings displaying UFO’s and dinosaurs which once roamed the lands. However, in more recent times, people are scouring around everywhere trying...

Hairy monster in sewer

Hairy Humanoids Are Lurking The Sewers Below

While people have heard about alligators being in sewers, they may not have heard about hairy humanoids being down there. There are a number of reported encounters of these beastly looking creatures crossing paths...

Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan

Bizarre baby creature found in Azerbaijan

Located in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, is video footage of a rather unusual creature. Some believe, this nothing more than a small monkey—wearing some sort of costume outfit. Meanwhile, others believe this...

Bigfoot caught by GoPro dog

GoPro dog captures Bigfoot on camera

Not much is known about this video, other than it was uploaded last year in August of 2015. The up loader on YouTube only mentioned that they were with a group of people scouting...