Hairy Humanoids Are Lurking The Sewers Below

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While people have heard about alligators being in sewers, they may not have heard about hairy humanoids being down there. There are a number of reported encounters of these beastly looking creatures crossing paths with daring explorers, sewer workers and other maintenance crew. Sometimes these folks are known as sewer system and drain cleaning technicians.

These hairy humanoids reportedly run amuck in some locations. This leads one to believe they have become a problem and some are saying they are Bigfoot-like creatures, that have sought refuge underground. 

Accounts of these hairy hominids have come from the United Kingdom, California and Hawaii among other places. Who knew that these dank sewer systems that run beneath our very feet, might have such strange things living inside of them. 

Dating back to May 14th, 1982 an article was published by the Herald Journal, in Syracuse, New York. One of the articles in this issue mentions an 8 foot tall hairy monster, that was aimlessly wandering around in Buena Park, California.

Later, this same unidentified creature was given the name “Buena Foot”. There were more than several hundred calls which came in to the local police department. 

People were reporting about a bizarre looking best or monster wandering around. A number of men even used divining rods to find the presence of the creature. This is what the report said: 

“Police said they had received more than 200 telephone calls from people curious about reports of an 8-foot-tall, man-like creature living in the city’s sewer system. “Buena Foot” failed to appear at a “monster watch,” but two men using divining rods claim they saw footprints and hand prints that prove a huge humanoid is nearby. 

Hundreds of people nationwide have called police to inquire about their safety and the safety of relatives in the area since five people reported Monday, they saw the beast walking down a storm tunnel. “We’ve had 200 to 500 calls easily,” Officer Terry Branum said. “We’re telling people we have investigated the area and found nothing there.

Dennis Ruminer, a member of a group called the Special Forces Investigations, which investigates unexplained phenomena, claimed Wednesday he found footprints and hand prints of the beast in a drainage tunnel.

We were looking around the mouth of the tunnel when someone shouted, “There’s a track,” Ruminer said. “There were a lot of people around and as we went to look a kid stepped on the track, so we only saw the front part of the track. “It was a humanoid foot with five big toe marks and about 7 inches across the ball of the foot. 

Before we got a good, clear look at it, another kid stepped on it and completely obliterated the track.” But Ruminer said he and his partner, Tom Muzila, used divining rods to track the creature and went inside the tunnel, where they found a handprint.

Ruminer said the team made a plaster cast of the print and took pictures of several other sets of prints discovered farther back in the cave. Frank Missanelli, manager of an apartment building near the drainage ditch, said he heard the beast but did not see it. “It roared and growled just like the dinosaurs in the movies,” Missanellia said. About 100 believers held a “monster watch” Tuesday night, but failed to spot anything resembling the beast.”

Hairy monster in sewer
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These hairy humanoid-like creatures, seem to be taking up shelter in certain locations. Often within dark places, where they cannot be seen as easily. Interestingly enough, another encounter was mentioned in a book entitled: Monsters of Illinois: Mysterious Creatures in the Prairie State, by Troy Taylor.

This encounter took place back in May of 1963. An unusual looking hairy “wild-man” was seen in Centreville and the outskirts of St. Louis, Illinois. Police were getting 50 or so different calls each night from people saying they witnessed this beast. The strange beast, was even seen in people’s yards. One person was even attacked, yet the police never noticed this beastly wild man around. 

A description about what this thing looked like, came from a group of children. They said that it looked like a “half-man, half-woman, and with a half bald head and half a head of hair”.

The location was around a housing project in St. Louis on 9th street. Often this thing would drop down into a tunnel system located on 12th Street. Eventually, there were fewer sightings of this thing altogether and by the end of the month the reports stopped.

Speculations about these types of hairy humanoids have gone into different directions. Are they part of a secret lab experiment? Perhaps some kind of cross-breeding has taken place.

These humanoids could be ancestors of cavemen and women such as another version of humans altogether. Of course they may not even be from this planet. Perhaps they are among another alien life-form in the world. These freaks of nature, have become a fascination to cryptozoologists. Until one of them is captured or documented further, they remain a mystery for now.

(Source: Sightings Info)

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